When the heat gets unbearable, finding indoor activities to do with your friends is key.  If you’re drawing a blank on fun activities, though, allow Addison Rae, Maddie Ziegler, Devon Lee Carlson, and Olivia Rodrigo to illustrate.

Yes, the group of Gen Z friends recently documented one of their latest hangouts on Instagram and they might have just found the perfect summer activity: pottery.

On Sunday, July 24, Addison Rae was the one to document the quartet’s pottery session on her Instagram stories. “Girly things,” she wrote in the first slide which featured a picture of herself smiling while straddling a (still clean) potter’s wheel, wearing a distressed white tee and a very professional navy apron with her name tag.


In the next slide, Addison turned the attention to Maddie Ziegler. With her blonde hair tucked into a high pony and donning simple gold hoops, Maddie was also caught pre-mess in front of her own potter’s wheel wearing the same apron and name tag combo that the rest of the group also sported.


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