While Alejandro is close with the cast off set, his character Sebastián is an agent of chaos who revived the secret society La Logia to bully his classmates at EWS (Elite Way School) and succeeded in fracturing their musical group Sin Nombre. Playing the bad guy is something new for him.

“Getting to understand this kind of person was very essential, and it was so fun because it is so opposite from what I am and who I am,” he says with a big smile. “So getting to find some similarities was very interesting because we do have some. Then getting to see people’s reactions to the antagonist was very new because I had never played an antagonist before, and people react very strongly and very passionate towards an antagonist. They love to hate him and they hate to love him. That’s very radical and that’s something that I love.”

For the most part, the OG Rebelde fans have grown to love the reboot. Shortly after the series premiere, Alejandro’s Twitter followers grew from around a thousand to now over 58,000 followers. His Instagram has also grown exponentially to over 791,000 followers.

About the fan reaction, he says, “I’m so grateful because they chose to embrace us and love us, and get to know this new story with an open heart and open arms. I’m forever grateful to them. I love them. They’re my family also, a different kind of family, an online family.”

As for the second season that’s now streaming on Netflix, the students of EWS are stepping out of the band as solo acts.


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“We now have to prove ourselves as solo artists,” he says. “You’re going to get to see people sing different songs, original songs. I sing by myself but I’m also very excited to have duets with Andrea, Selene, and with the whole cast. Whatever you thought season one was, forget it because this is a new season with new conflicts. Relationships are going to be redefined, rediscovered.”

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