Beyoncé is coming. This is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill!

For the past week, the BeyHive has been kept busy sleuthing and scouring the Internet after finding suspiciously exciting activity on Beyoncé’s website and social media accounts. First, her profile icons disappeared on Instagram and Twitter. Then, a placeholder album art image showed up on her website, captioned “Image, B7″ — B7 is the popular nickname fans have used to refer to Bey’s then-untitled seventh album. 

Rumors were fueled even further on June 15 when Beyoncé’s nonprofit, the BeyGOOD Foundation, tweeted a collage of albums from Black musicians in celebration of Black Music Month and included an album cover that doesn’t seem to exist. The “cover” in question is of a red gloved hand against a red backdrop, pointing to the left. And to the left of this image in the collage? A photo of R&B singer Brandy’s 2020 album… B7.

Then in the wee hours of June 16, the official announcement was finally dropped by TIDAL: Beyoncé will release her seventh studio album, titled Renaissance, on July 29. The 16-track project will be Bey’s first solo album since 2016’s Lemonade.

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Within just a few hours, the Internet fell into chaos. Beyoncé’s return is imminent, and with a confirmed new era comes an exciting and unpredictable rollout. Over the next few weeks, Beyoncé is going to rock our worlds… and TBH, we need to get ready.

Renaissance, which is noted as “Act I” on the official all-black announcement post and on Bey’s website, already has merch available for pre-order — merch that only continues the mystery surrounding the album. Beyoncé is selling four differents box sets for Renaissance, with little to no detail as to what’s inside or what the merch looks like. 

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