Doja Cat‘s video game-inspired content might just be the best thing on the Internet. Shortly after sharing her impressive take on an Animal Crossing villager singing, the star has moved on to playing The Sims. But, you may want to think twice before criticizing her creations.

In the midst of recovering from a recent throat surgery, Doja has turned to The Sims to pass the time. The truly relatable decision has been accompanied with a few tweets of her Sims progress. It all started on June 16, when Doja called on her followers for assistance in finding “sexy” Sims swimwear.

She apparently found some looks she liked, as she later followed up with a tweet of her Sim. “Made a Sim,” she wrote. Noting that she did not intend for the Sim to look like her, she responded as some followers shared harsh words for her Sim. “I think it looks fine idk why everyone is being so rude,” she replied to one tweet about her character’s hair.

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Proving her status as a true veteran of The Sims franchise, she was quick to shut down tweets regarding her choice of Sims hair. “If u knew anything about sims you’d know this is a maxis base game hair. next,” she wrote. She’s also well-versed in custom Sims content, sharing her support of The Sims Resource.

The Sims hate eventually became too much for Doja, as she pledged to never share her Sim with Twitter again. And while she’s provided no further updates on whether her Sim has managed to find a job, fall in love, or clean up a stack of dirty dishes caused by frequent grilled cheese consumption, she has retweeted some truly hilarious support. “Shes pulling off one of my least fav hairs in the game and im not mad abt it,” one person wrote. Another “Sim connoisseur” shared, “She definitely ate like the way the contour accentuates the nose bridge…”

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