Even if some of them completely metamorphose off the stage, Dreamcatcher’s concert outfits are still a clear reflection of their personal aesthetics — or, at least, of their artistic personas. For this tour, the members all wore wide-legged cargo style pants with pockets down the leg but each of them had a black top tailored to each of their unique tastes. Along with their stylists, the group shares they made tweaks to their tour outfits during a long day of fittings. “A lot of ideas came up in the fitting room,” Ji U shares before Dami describes their dressing room as nothing but “a mountain of clothes,” which immediately makes the rest of the group burst out laughing.

With the Apocalypse: Save Us tour, the septet returned to North America after almost three years. They last came in 2019 with Invitation from Nightmare City in USA, but have now expanded to cover more ground in the continent, making their way down to Mexico after nine shows in the U.S.

Dreamcatcher’s preparation for the tour not only included getting their outfits and choreographies ready but also their bodies. The constant travel and the nightly performances that come along with a tour beg the question: How does one take care of themself on the road? The Dreamcatcher members have a simple answer: good skin care and rest. 

Above all, the members say they prioritize their health, which includes their skin. “Each night before we sleep, we have to remove makeup and make sure our skin is clean. I like to have a routine while we are traveling,” Su A explains.

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