Halsey channeled old Hollywood with their weekend glam. Days after celebrating the launch of their af94 makeup brand in a baby blue ‘fit, the star shared a selfie of their Marilyn Monroe-inspired glam. 

Posting an Instagram carousel on Saturday morning, Halsey revealed their “Marilyn Mon-red moment.” According to the photo’s accompanying tags, Halsey owed their makeup to products from About-Face and af94

Halsey’s glamorous beauty routine included a red lip, subtle eye wings, and voluminous lashes. They paired the classic beauty with curly red hair. The shortened style included curled bangs and some pieces were tucked behind their ears. Halsey made the vintage look their own with the addition of dangling skeleton earrings.

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There’s no word on when Halsey went red with their hair, but a similar shade was apparent with their af94 launch look. At the time, their hair was pulled up into tight braided buns. Halsey’s glam was a bit more colorful for that occasion, with yellow eyebrows and streaks of color along the eyelids.

Halsey has spent much of July switching up their beauty routine. Earlier this month, they threw it back to the ’90s with a voluminous mullet and blue eye makeup. They also shared a previous peek at their tour glam, which included long, wavy hair.

There’s no question that Halsey knows a lot about the world of beauty. Speaking with Teen Vogue, they touched on their journey as a self-taught MUA. “I’ll never forget being 15 years old and saving up to buy my first eyeliner. It was electric blue. Took all of my money, but the thrill of wearing such a bold color was worth every penny,” they said. 

The superstar definitely still loves looks filled with color and with a beauty evolution that’s included countless memorable looks, we’re sure they’ll debut more noteworthy glam in the future.

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