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Back in March, she wore a vibrant green Valentino suit during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her role in the animated feature Lightyear. It’s almost as if she combined the two looks for her latest red-carpet appearance, and we couldn’t appreciate the result more.

All the green is particularly fitting, considering Keke’s character in Jordan Peele’s Nope is named Emerald. Of course, that’s pretty much all we can say about Nope without any major spoiler alerts. “Human beings are intrigued by spectacles, even when they can be dangerous or even when they are emotionally in danger more so than physically,” she said of the film for her recent Glamour cover story. “But spectacles are something that we’ve been dealing with all of humanity, whether we’re watching the gladiators, or we’re watching political scandals, or we’re on the latest gossip site, or we’re on the freeway rubbernecking because we saw a car accident happen back there.”

She continued, “We expose ourselves to so many spectacles online that it can sometimes alter the way we think about things positively or negatively…. And this movie does it in a unique way that’s fun, exciting, and within the horror genre. Although the audience is going to see the spectacle viewpoint. They’re also going to see the viewpoint of grief and siblingship, and they’re going to see the viewpoint of film and how the people behind the film should be more acknowledged. I’m excited to see everyone’s biggest takeaway because it represents how you see and view the world. It’s interesting that how we view art says more about us than it does the art itself, and I think that’s the coolest thing Jordan does.”

This story originally appeared in Glamour.

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