You can now outfit your phone with the power of the moon because Sailor Moon and Casetify are collaborating on an adorable set of tech accessories.

Casetify has teamed up with some of our favorite celebs in the past, including Olivia Rodrigo and BTS, but fans of all things Sailor Moon will particularly love this line featuring the Sailor Guardians. Announced today, June 16, and dropping on June 30, the Sailor Moon-inspired collection includes multiple phone cases, AirPods cases, water bottles, and a Nintendo Switch case. 

Each Sailor Scout is given their own phone case emblazoned with their signature phrase from the popular anime series. For those that absolutely can’t decide on a fave scout, a pastel pink case with all of the guardians is included. 

Courtesy of Casetify.

Tuxedo Mask is even given his own case, with a Stickermania option that features cute nods to his relationship with Sailor Moon. 

For the super Sailor Moon fans, there’s also a charm bracelet, which can attach to your phone. The adorable accessory includes a Luna-shaped bead, the Sailor Moon logo, and some of the signs associated with the Scouts. An Apple Watch bracelet, with a pink backing and tiny moons, as well as a water bottle featuring Sailor Moon are also included. 

Courtesy of Casetify.

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