TheyThem first trailer reveals Kevin Bacons conversion camp horrors


'They/Them' first trailer reveals Kevin Bacon's conversion camp horrors

Kevin Bacon stars in the horror film “They/Them.” Peacock released its first teaser trailer Wednesday for the film’s August 5 premiere. Photo courtesy of Josh Stringer/Blumhouse.

June 22 (UPI) — Peacock teased its upcoming original horror film They/Them with its first trailer Wednesday showing Kevin Bacon leading an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp.

The Blumhouse slasher film, from award-winning screenwriter John Logan in his directorial debut and producer Jason Blum of Get Out, is set to debut Aug. 5.

They/Them, formerly titled Whistler Camp, stars Kevin Bacon as Owen Whistler who runs a conversion camp for queer and trans campers. The teenagers join Whistler for a week of programming intended to “help them find a new sense of freedom.” Instead, the camp’s methods become psychologically unsettling, as a mysterious killer claims victims and the teens are forced to band together to stay alive.

The teaser trailer opens with Whistler greeting the unsuspecting campers and welcoming them to a “safe space.”

The film also stars Anna Chlumsky as Molly, the camp’s medic and newest employee and Carrie Preston as Cora Whistler, a licensed therapist in charge of the campers’ therapy sessions and wife of camp director Owen Whistler.

Theo Germaine of 4400 plays Jordan, a transgender and non-binary camper from a religious background who has made a deal with their parents to legally emancipate if attending Whistler doesn’t “work.”

They/Them has been germinating within me my whole life,” Logan said. “I’ve loved horror movies as long as I can remember, I think because monsters represent ‘the other’ and as a gay kid I felt a powerful sense of kinship with those characters who were different, outlawed or forbidden.”

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