10 Best Campervan & Motorhome Rentals in Edinburgh

How to book your chosen rental

Without a doubt, Motorhome Republic is one of the best ways to find campervan hire companies in Edinburgh. 

It’s a price comparison site that will allow you to find cheap campervan hire in Scotland offered by the top rental firms. 

Through this site, you’ll also be able to see vehicle availability for your chosen dates, the best prices around, and of course the details of each hire package.

However, that’s not all. There are also several added benefits to booking through this site! 

  • They offer a vehicle guarantee, meaning they’ll find a comparative vehicle for you if your rental company lets you down. For no extra cost too! 
  • There is a 24/7 support team available to deal with any issues you may have.
  • Motorhome Republic have a price match guarantee feature, meaning if you find your camper cheaper elsewhere they will reduce the cost
  • They are the leading comparison firm in the UK for motorhome rentals and are an incredibly trusted brand. 

Where possible I’ve included links to Motorhome Republic, so finding your perfect van is only an easy click away! 

1. Spaceships Rentals – Best camper and motorhome rental firm in Edinburgh

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh & London
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – couples and families 
  • Availability – Check here
Spaceship Rentals Edinburgh Campervan and Motorhomes Rental


Spaceships Rentals is our top choice when it comes to established campervan rentals firms in Edinburgh. 

It’s one of the most trusted rental companies in the UK and is known to be incredibly reliable. 

We can personally vouch for this, as we rented a camper from Spaceships in Ireland

One of the best things about this company? They pride themselves on having a ‘no hidden costs’ policy so you know exactly what you’re getting, and where your money is going. 

They also offer several benefits including 24-hour roadside assistance, comprehensive insurance options, and a temporary access code to the Caravan and Motorhome Club. 

However, my favourite thing about this company is that they offer unlimited mileage! This is a must when road tripping around Scotland as there is so much to see.

Spaceship Rentals Campervan Rental unit Edinburgh

Vehicles on offer:

Spaceships Rentals has three different vehicles available to hire – the Voyager Campervan, the family motorhome, and the luxury motorhome.

Each vehicle is easy to drive, compact in its design, and fuel-efficient – a massive bonus for any road trip, as you’ll save money on filling the tank. 

No matter which vehicle you choose, it will come with cooking & kitchen facilities, washing facilities and storage areas. They also have a built-in awning which is perfect for that extra space!

If you’d prefer to hire a motorhome, you’ll also have a cooling and heating unit included. This means you can take advantage of Scotland’s off-peak season and save some serious cash.

2. McRent – Biggest motorhome rental company in Europe

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh, Bristol, London, Preston & Rye
  • Price range – $$
  • Best suited for – families and groups of friends 
  • Availability – Check here


McRent is the biggest motorhome hire company in Europe and has several pick-up and drop-off locations. 

This is perfect if you’re wanting to road trip the UK after your Scotland trip, or even if you want to head over to Europe! That means you have the ultimate flexibility and freedom when planning your route. 

McRent is a trusted company throughout the United Kingdom and has a lot to offer for campers.

With comprehensive coverage, 24/7 camper care, and 24-hour roadside assistance there is plenty of help available if you have any issues. 

Selected campervans even come with unlimited mileage so you can make the most out of your trip. 

Vehicles on offer:

There are 10 vehicles available to hire at McRent ranging from a 2-berth to a 6-berth. 

With so many different options, there is something for everyone! 

However, they specialise in luxury motorhomes so if you’re after something with plenty of space this is a great company. 

Each rental also comes with accessories including an awning, water hose, and a cable. 

3. Bunk Campers – One of the biggest range of campers in Edinburgh

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh, Belfast & London
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – Any type of traveller 
  • Availability – Check here
Bunk Campers Edinburgh Campervan and Motorhomes Rental


Bunk Campers offers a wide range of vehicles, making it one of the best campervan rentals in Edinburgh. 

Not only are there a lot of choices, but your rental also comes with plenty of benefits. These include unlimited mileage, 10% discounts on ferry crossings and 30% off Camping and Caravan Club campsites. 

However, that’s not all! Do you want to know the best part about using Bunk Campers?

You have complete flexibility to change the dates of your trip, the duration of your booking and even your pick-up location if you wanted! 

With travel the way it is currently, this is a huge benefit! 

The depot in Edinburgh is just a 10-minute drive from the airport, so is in the perfect location too.

Bunk Campers Edinburgh Campervan and Motorhomes Rental unit

Vehicles on offer:

Bunk Campers has one of the biggest choices of campervan rentals in the UK

They currently have 7 vehicles available to hire, and these range from 2 to 6 berths. There are also plenty of options when it comes to size, as they have both large and smaller campers. 

No matter which vehicle you choose, you’ll have cooking facilities, a shower, and a heating system so you can travel around Scotland at any time of year. 

4. Just Go – Great choice for large motorhomes in Edinburgh

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh & London
  • Price range – $$
  • Best suited for – groups of families 
  • Availability – Check here
Just Go Motorhomes and Campervan for Rent in Edinburgh


Just Go is a global rental company that has a great reputation within the UK and Scotland. 

They have one of the largest fleets in the United Kingdom, and every year this fleet is replaced so you know you’re going to get a great quality vehicle. 

With such a wide variety of vehicles, competitive prices, and on the road phone and email support – Just Go is a brilliant rental company. 

There is one thing to note though! 

Just go automatically adds a charge of £5.00 per night to each motorhome hire. This is to support the government’s low emission tax, so it’s just something to be aware of. 

Vehicles on offer:

Just Go has an impressive 10 motorhomes to choose from, and they range from 2 to 6 berths. Similar to McRent, Just Go specialise in large luxury motorhomes. 

You’ll find an array of amenities inside including a TV, oven and electric hook-up. Not only that, but their motorhomes also have an off-grid camper electrical system. 

The rentals also benefit from recent technology including GPS, Bluetooth, and reversing cameras which are incredibly helpful if you’ve not driven a motorhome before. 

5. Apollo – One of the cheapest rentals firms in Scotland

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh, Belfast & London
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – couples and families 
  • Availability – Check here
Apollo Motorhomes Rental Edinburgh


Apollo is known to be one of the most affordable campervan hire companies in Scotland.

Depending on the time of year, it’s possible to hire a campervan for under £100 a day which is pretty good going. Trust me, you won’t find many companies that can match it! 

To make sure the rental experience is as smooth as possible, Apollo has their own app called ApolloConnect.

It offers many features but the top ones include 24/7 roadside assistance and local vehicle support teams. With this app, it’s super easy to get in touch with them if you have any issues.

Vehicles on offer:

Apollo currently has five vehicles available to hire ranging from the Duo which is the most compact, all the way up to the family voyager motorhome. 

Each vehicle is equipped with the necessary facilities including onboard heating, cooking facilities, a shower, and a toilet. 

When it comes down to size, all of Apollo’s vehicles are incredibly spacious and relatively big to drive. 

This is great for groups, and if you’re looking for a lot of room but not so much if you’re wanting to tackle some of Scotland’s mountain passes. 

6. Easi Campervans – Scotland’s premier motorhome hire company

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh, Birmingham, Blackburn, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Wigan, Wolverhampton
  • Price range – $$-$$$
  • Best suited for – Families with pets and groups 
  • Availability – Check here
Easi Campervans Rental Edinburgh


Easi Campervans is based in Edinburgh but has pick up and drop off locations up and down the UK. 

That makes it a great choice if you’re planning to travel around the United Kingdom after Scotland. 

Its office is located right by Edinburgh airport, and there is a shuttle service there that operates every 15-20 minutes. 

Each rental also comes with unlimited mileage which is another huge bonus! 

However, one of the best parts?

Easi Campervans is a pet-friendly rental company which means the whole family can come along! You just have to pay an extra charge if you want to take your pooch with you. 

Easi Campervan Edinburgh Rental Unit

Vehicles on offer:

Easi Campervans have 7 vehicles available to rent and these range from small campervans to large motorhomes. 

Whether you’re looking for a compact VW camper or a luxury motorhome you’ll find something to your liking here! 

If you decide to go for one of the larger campervans or a motorhome, you’ll have kitchen facilities, a toilet and shower, and a hook-up cable. 

The amenities included differ depending on which vehicle you choose, so make sure to do some research first! 

7. Anywhere Campers – Best rental company for convenience with no specific pick-up/drop-off locations

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Anywhere within the 35 countries on their website
  • Best suited for – Any type of traveller 
  • Availability – Check here
Anywhere Campers Van and Motorhomes Rental Edinburgh


Anywhere Campers is a motorhome hire company that covers over 35 countries within Europe. Pretty impressive right? 

However, that’s not all. They offer something incredibly unique when it comes to campervan hire companies.

They will pick up and drop off your campervan anywhere and anytime, meaning there are no specific offices. This is very convenient and gives you 100% flexibility when planning your route. 

With rentals insurance, unlimited mileage, and all-inclusive pricing this is one of the best options for campervan hire in Edinburgh. 

If that isn’t enough the rental fee also includes two bicycles, camping furniture, a BBQ, and an awning.

Anywhere Campers Van Rental Unit Edinburgh

Vehicles on offer:

Anywhere Campers has three types of motorhome available to hire. 

Each vehicle in their fleet is on average just a year old, and you have the choice between automatic and manual transmission. 

The motorhomes range from 4 to 6 berths and are incredibly spacious. 

They are kitted out with everything you could need for the ultimate road trip, so make sure you consider this awesome company! 

8. Clarkies Campers – Edinburgh campervan rental company that specialises in VW campers 

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh & Aberdeen
  • Price range – $$$
  • Best suited for – Couples
  • Availability – Check here
Clarkies Campers Van Rental Edinburgh


If you’re looking for VW campervan hire in Scotland, then Clarkies Campers is a great option.

They specialise in VW vans which offer a great camper experience for travellers and are a popular option. 

Clarkies Campers also have seasonal offers, where you’ll get a discount on any extras you purchase with your rental.

This may include a bike rack, an extra driver, a surcharge for taking your pet, or even an excess insurance reduction.

Clarkies Campers is one of the more expensive options on this list, so if you’re on a budget this may not be the company for you! 

Vehicles on offer:

Clarkies Campers have two vehicles to choose from, and both are trendy VW campers. 

Each vehicle comes with an awning rail, folding chairs and table, and plenty of storage space for all your necessities. 

As these campers are only small they’re perfect for Scotland’s narrow lanes and mountain passes. 

That means you’ll truly get to see the beauty of the highlands, without having to worry about the size of your vehicle!

9. Big Sky Campers – Campervan rental company with a variety of VW campers and Land Rover campers

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Port of Rosyth
  • Price range – $$-$$$
  • Best suited for – couples and small groups 
  • Availability – Check here
Big Sky Campers Van Rental Edinburgh


Big Sky Campers depot is located in Port of Rosyth, which is just a 20-minute drive from Edinburgh airport. 

Each rental comes with unlimited mileage and it’s also possible to take them out of the UK if you arrange this before pick-up. 

As well as this, each vehicle comes with utensils, champing chairs and a table, as well as a solar shower! 

If you’re wanting to bring your dog with you, they also have a dog-friendly camper available to hire.

Big Sky Camper Rental Unit Edinburgh

Vehicles on offer:

Big Sky Campers offer 12 different vehicles to rent, with the majority of these being VW campers. 

If you’re looking for a bit of choice when it comes to VW campers in Edinburgh, this is a great option. They have a variety of different models ranging from the classic VW campervans to the T6 models.

If that isn’t to your fancy, Big Sky Campers also have land rover campers which you can hire. 

This is a pretty unique rental option that you don’t often see and is a great fit for exploring the highlands of Scotland.

10. Alba Campers – One of the cheapest companies for campervan rentals in Edinburgh

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Edinburgh
  • Price range – $
  • Best suited for – couples
  • Availability – Check here
Alba Campers Camper van rental Edinburgh


If you’re looking for cheap campervan hire in Edinburgh then Alba Campers is one of the best options. 

Not only can you hire campers for around £60 per day (depending on the time of year), but each rental also comes with a variety of benefits. 

These benefits include fully comprehensive cover, roadside assistance, unlimited mileage, and they’re also incredibly flexible with pick-up and drop-off times. 

Not only that but, Alba Campers pride themselves on their ‘no hidden costs’ policy. 

Each vehicle is also equipped with everything you need including a gas camping stove, cooking and dining equipment, and a cool box. A table and chairs are also provided. 

Vehicles on offer:

Alba Campers currently has 5 vehicles available to hire ranging from 2 to 4 berths. 

Each van is relatively small compared to others on this list which is perfect if you’re not wanting to drive a large vehicle around Scotland. 

As mentioned previously, they are also super cheap and are equipped with everything you could need for the perfect road trip. 

Edinburgh Campervan / Motorhome Hire FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a campervan in Scotland?

The cost of your campervan hire will depend on a couple of factors. This includes which company you choose, the size of the vehicle, and how long you’ll need it for. 

The time of year also plays a big part in the cost! If you’re brave enough to road trip Scotland in winter, find a camper with a heater and you’ll cut the costs by a fair amount. 

Typically you’re looking at paying between £60-£100 per day for a smaller campervan, whilst renting a large motorhome can set you back around £100-£150. 

Can you wild camp in Scotland?

You certainly can! Wild camping is one of the cheapest ways to explore Scotland.

There are hundreds of places up and down the country where you can park up overnight for FREE. 

Here are many of the best for you to take a look at. If you can plan your trip around some of these, you’ll be saving a lot of cash! 

Just be sure to follow basic rules and realise that not everywhere is legal. For more info, check out our guide on wild camping in Scotland.

If you don’t fancy wild camping, there are plenty of campsites around Edinburgh and Scotland for you to pitch up at. 

Where can you go with a motorhome in Scotland?

Generally, you can go pretty much anywhere with a motorhome in Scotland.

However, there are plenty of narrow lanes and mountain roads in the country that are unsuitable for large motorhomes. Many of these roads will have signs telling you not to go down, but also trust your gut. 

Because of this, many people choose to rent a smaller campervan rather than a motorhome. 

How old do you need to be to hire a motorhome in Scotland?

Many motorhome hire companies in Edinburgh (and Scotland as a whole) require you to be 25 or over. 

Some rental firms will allow you to hire a camper if you’re between the ages of 21-24 but you’ll find there may be a hefty young driver surcharge. 

Can you park a campervan anywhere in Scotland?

When travelling around the rural areas of Scotland make sure you stick to spots that are both suitable and legal. That means no encroaching on private property, or areas that don’t permit wild camping. 

If you’re exploring Edinburgh first, and plan to visit other cities, be wary of where you park. Some car parks often have height restrictions and you’ll need to find parking bays that are large enough for your van.

Now, for the fun part! 

Since all the research and technical aspects of finding a camper are sorted, it’s time to get on to the best part.

The planning! 

Scotland is an awesome country to road trip through, and Edinburgh is the ideal starting point. 

With plenty of popular sights to see including Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Castle, the old town, and Calton Hill – it’s the perfect place to begin your adventure. 

To get your mind racing and your inspiration flowing, here are some other posts you may find useful! 

These guides will help you plan your Scotland road trip by going through the best routes and the best places to visit.

We’ve included all our favourite spots so you don’t miss out on the best bits! 

If you have any questions about Edinburgh, Scotland or campervan rentals, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments below!

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