10 Best Campervan & Motorhome Rentals In Ireland [2022]

Quick Roundup

Bunk Campers

Best Ireland campervan rental

  • Price Range – $$
  • Ideal for – All travellers
  • Locations – Dublin/Belfast


Best choice for families

  • Price Range – $$
  • Ideal for – Families
  • Locations – Belfast


Largest motorhome fleet in Europe

  • Price Range – $$
  • Ideal for – Families/groups
  • Locations – Dublin/Limerick

How to book your camper or motorhome rental

For all rental firms below, wherever possible, I have provided links to their page on Motorhome Republic.

I recommend this as the best way to book your chosen rental, as they offer the largest array of available campers and motorhomes in Ireland.

At the least, it’s the best place to begin your search and see what’s actually available.

During the busy summer months in Ireland, campervan rentals book up WELL in advance.

So many of the top firms may already have limited availability.

A quick search on Motorhome Republic will showcase which of the top firms still have availability for your dates.

Other reasons why we love Motorhome Republic:

  • Best prices – As a motorhome and campervan price comparison site, they offer the most competitive rates out there. Even if you did find it cheaper elsewhere, you can access their price guarantee.
  • Vehicle Guarantee – More importantly, they guarantee you a vehicle for your chosen dates. Even if your chosen firm lets you down (for whatever unforeseen reason) they will find you an equivalent vehicle for your dates. So there’s no reason to cancel your whole trip to Ireland.
  • A reputable brand – They’ve been around for years, and have processed more than 3 million rental days globally.
  • Full support – They have a customer support team on hand 2 4 hours a day, 7 days a week. To help you with any issues before or after your booking has been made.

1. Bunk Campers – Our top pick for Ireland campervan rental!

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Dublin & Belfast
  • Price range – $$
  • Best suited for –  All types of traveller
  • Availability – Check here
Bunk campervans Ireland


As one of the largest private campervan hire firms in the UK and Ireland, these guys are a safe bet no matter which sort of camper you are looking to hire.

They’ve been around since 2007, so have built up a trusted reputation as a reliable rental firm.

All vehicles come with the basics you’d need for a holiday to Ireland, but you can also rent extras, such as bedding or towels.

It all depends on how long you plan to visit Ireland and what sorts of things you’ll be getting up to and where you will be staying.

Their site is home to a vast array of information on road trip ideas and planning an epic trip to Ireland.

Vehicles on offer:

Bunk boasts the largest campervan rental fleet in Ireland. Offering vans equipped to sleep between 2 and 6 guests.

Their smaller 2 person vans are great for those of you travelling as a couple, looking to get off the beaten track and explore winding streets and countryside.

Also perfect if you are inexperienced with driving larger vehicles.

They also have larger campers that are still only designed to sleep 2 people. Giving you extra indoor space for washing and showering, enjoying a little more luxury than the smaller vehicles can offer.

And of course, they also have a host of larger motorhomes designed specifically for larger families or groups of friends.

All of their vans have been custom built and designed based on Bunk’s requirements.

All vehicles are less than 3 years old, which is great for ensuring reliability when out on the road!

Overall, their vans come equipped with everything you could possibly need, from a firm with more than a decade worth of experience renting campervans in Ireland.

2. Apollo – Best campervan rental for families

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Belfast
  • Price range – $$
  • Best suited for –  Families
  • Availability – Check here
Apollo campervan hire Ireland


Apollo specialises in offering larger campervans. Best suited to travellers who want to enjoy all the comforts of home when out road tripping Ireland.

Even the 2 person Duo vehicles have tonnes of space, based on the MWB Fiat Ducato chassis.

So if you are looking to rent the smallest possible vehicle, then these guys probably aren’t your best bet. 

However, we have driven Ireland’s roads in larger vehicles and can honestly say you will be fine.

Just stick to the winder roads whilst you first build up your confidence.

Vehicles on offer:

They currently offer 5 different models of van, with the largest “Family Voyager” sleeping up to 6 people.

All vehicles are extremely modern and are updated every 2 years. Meaning your van comes with the latest tech and gadgets to help make getting around Ireland easier and more comfortable.

This includes things like built-in GPS and reversing cameras. Which, based on our experience, makes driving a larger van 10 times easier!

The larger models also have garage spaces out back, perfect for storing bikes if you want to get off-road and explore the Irish countryside this way.

Inside there is a fully off-grid campervan water system, so you’ll find a kitchen as well as a compact shower room with hot water on tap.

3. Wicked Campers – Best campervan rental for backpackers

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Dublin
  • Price range – $
  • Best suited for –  Young adventurers
  • Availability – Check here


This is the first Irish campervan firm we ever saw, all the way back in 2015 before we had even started traveling full time.

How do we remember them?

Because their vans are crazy!

Each of their vehicles is a wild artistic creation. Making them easy to spot and impossible to forget.

The whole company has an incredibly young vibe to it, encouraging adventurous backpackers to travel in a unique way they’ll never forget.

Vehicles on offer:

Wicked Campers actually operate across Europe, so feature a range of left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles.

Vans are often driven between countries, so it’s worth speaking to the Dublin branch to see if they can offer a vehicle you are most comfortable with driving.

Their prices are extremely competitive, making them probably the cheapest way to get around Ireland, even if you’re backpacking on a budget.

All vehicles are modern and designed to drive and sleep two people.

So if you’re travelling with a group of friends, you could pick up 2 or 3 campers and embark on an epic convoy road trip!

Coupled with the fact that it’s free to wild camp in Ireland, it all makes for a cheap and fun way to explore the Emerald Isle.

4. Anywhere Campers – most flexible campervan rental

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Anywhere!
  • Price range – $$-$$$
  • Best suited for –  Groups/families
  • Availability – Check here
Anywhere Campers Ireland rental


What makes Anywhere Campers stand out is their commitment to let you hire a camper from almost ANYWHERE in Europe.

Get off the plane or ferry in Ireland and they meet you there. And trust me, this is a really unique offering.

When we hired from Spaceships in Ireland, one of the few downsides was the need to catch a really awkward bus out to the middle of nowhere in order to pick up the vehicle.

Making these guys the perfect way to start and finish your journey stress-free.

Vehicles on offer:

All vehicles are built on the Adria Matrix range, featuring either automatic or manual gearboxes.

Despite being brought up driving manual gearboxes, based on experience driving Europe in an automatic, I would highly recommend getting the automatic if you can.

If you’re driving for a few hours or more every day it makes the whole diving experience so much easier.

60% of their vans are brand new, and the rest are less than 2 years old.

As their vans are larger, they are designed primarily for larger groups or families.

Getting a quote isn’t as straightforward as some companies, as it will depend on exactly where in Ireland you want to pick up your vehicle from and drop it off.

So you’ll need to submit a quote form and they will get back to you with the best plan for your needs.

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5. Mcrent – Largest motorhome hire company in Europe

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Dublin & Limerick
  • Price range – $$
  • Best suited for –  Families/groups
  • Availability – Check here
McRent motorhomes Ireland


If you’re looking to hire an Irish campervan from a trusted brand, then McRent could be the way forward. 

As the largest camper rental company in Europe, they know what they are doing and continue to invest huge amounts each year in the latest fleet.

In fact, all of their campers are a maximum of 2 years old.

They also have a rental depot over in Limerick, nearer the western edge of Ireland. Which could be useful if you don’t plan on flying into Dublin or Belfast.

Or, if you are already in Ireland!

Vehicles on offer:

In Ireland, McRent currently offers a fleet of larger motorhomes, ideally suited for groups or families.

No matter which vehicle you opt for, you get unlimited mileage and a recently converted camper.

Prices start at a little over €100 per day, which is a LOT cheaper than if you were to stay in hotels and Airbnbs!

Plus, all vehicles come fully equipped with cooking and toilet facilities, and most often a shower too.

It all depends on which vehicle you opt for.

6. Just Go – Largest campervan rental firm in the UK

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – London
  • Price range – $-$$$
  • Best suited for –  Everyone
  • Availability – Check here
JustGo motorhome hire Ireland


To be clear, you would need to collect your van in London or Edinburgh, and incorporate Ireland as a part of a larger UK-wide road trip.

But with over 250 vehicles across the UK (and plenty of these in Ireland as well), Just Go is a popular choice when renting a motorhome in Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland / Ireland.

They’ve been around since 2003 and rent to more than 12,000 people every year!

More impressively, they update their fleet every single year, an impressive feat that few other campervan rental firms can attest to. Certainly none of the big ones.

Vehicles on offer:

They offer 2, 4, 5 and 6 berth motorhomes.

Meaning they are a great choice no matter what sort of traveller you are and who you are travelling with.

But no matter which one you opt for, they all come with built in TV and satellite systems. Meaning you can relax in front of the telly each evening after a long day of exploring.

Or at least have some way to entertain the kids if you get stuck in Ireland’s notoriously unpredictable wet and rainy weather.

They also offer a “Mystery” rental option, which could see you landing a great deal on a 2 or 4 berth motorhome.

7. West Coast Campervans – Best for classic VW campervan hire in Ireland

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Dublin, Belleek & Newry
  • Price range – $$-$$$
  • Best suited for –  VW enthusiasts!
  • Availability – Check here
West Coast Campervans Ireland


It’s time to mix things up a little!

All of the Irish campervan rental firms listed so far offer modern, similarly styled campervans.

Well, West Coast campers are a little more exciting, especially for those of you who love classic Volkswagen campers …

As well as a range of modern campers, they offer a select number of classic 1970s T2 campervans.

Styled just like they were back in the day, but well cared for.

They also offer 3 different pick-up & drop-off locations, making it easier to hire your vehicle no matter where you decided to end and start your trip.

It means you can begin in one location and finish it somewhere else. Not needing to complete a longer loop just for the sake of it.

Vehicles on offer:

Their vehicles are designed to sleep 2,4 or 6 people. And their fleet is updated every year, with no vehicle being more than 2 years old.

No matter which van you opt for, they come with all the mod-cons. Including a full off-grid electrical system, cooking facilities and even toilets/showers in the larger motorhomes.

Even the classic VWs have a chemical toilet installed, so they are a bit more luxurious than they may once have been.

Making for the perfect way to drive the epic Wild Atlantic Way.

8. Lazy Days – Best for Volkswagen Transporters

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Wicklow
  • Price range – $$
  • Best suited for –  Couples
  • Availability – Check here
Lazy Days VW campervan hire Ireland


For those of you looking for modern Volkswagen campers, this is your go-to firm.

They don’t hire out the traditional larger motorhomes, instead sticking exclusively to recently-converted T5’s and T6’s.

They even do all of the campervan conversion work themselves and sell vehicles that are no longer used for rentals.

You will need to make your way to Wicklow in order to pick up your camper. Which, if you’re flying into Dublin airport is relatively easy to reach by a range of public transport options.

Vehicles on offer:

All vehicles are Volkswagen T5 or T6 vehicles and come fully equipped with cooking facilities.

They are all designed to sleep 2 or 4 people, but of course, space inside these is more limited than a larger motorhome.

This is fine so long as you are happy with a little less luxury and space than what some of the larger campervans/motorhomes can offer.

It’s possible to hire some optional extras from Lazy Days, such as sat-nav, linen or towels. Just be sure to book these in advance.

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Adare (Limerick)
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – Couples/small groups
  • Availability – Check here


Retro Ventures are another great rental company for all sorts of travelers. Offering either Volkswagen T6 conversions or larger Fiat Ducato motorhomes.

If you’re interested, they also rent out motorcycles, scooters and bikes.

They are also open to you driving across to other European countries, so turn your Ireland road trip into a full-on European adventure!

Vehicles on offer:

All vehicles are designed to seat 4 and sleep 4, and offer onboard cooking and dining space.

The entire fleet is actually brand new for 2021, so you can guarantee you are getting a top-of-the-range modern vehicle to drive.

Plus, if you are less comfortable driving a manual (stick) camper, then their T6 vans are fully automatic.

Which, based on our experience, makes driving through Ireland an absolute breeze!

10. Spaceships – Previous top pick

Quick info:

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Dublin
  • Price range – $$
  • Best suited for – Young couples or families
  • Availability – Check here
Spaceships Campervan Rental Ireland

2022 update – It seems Spaceships is no longer available in Ireland. We are not sure if this is permanent or if they will be returning soon, so shall leave this inclusion here until we find out. They do still operate across England and Scotland.


Spaceships Rentals is the company we hired from during our 2 week road trip itinerary.

They are a well-established company, offering vehicles, not only in Ireland but also England and Scotland.

The camper we used was a small Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, perfect for sleeping 2 people and making it easy to navigate Ireland’s small winding roads.

This vehicle was perfect for us as, up until this point, I’d never driven a larger camper, so this eased my worries a bit.

I also loved that it was fully automatic and under a year old so driving it was dead simple and really comfortable. 

You can read more in our full Spaceships Rentals review here.

Vehicles on offer:

As well as the Caddy Maxi, they offer a range of larger camper and motorhome rental. Making them a great all-around camper hire firm, no matter how many of you plan to visit Ireland.

They also regularly update their fleet, meaning your van will never be more than a couple of years old.

Their biggest motorhome actually seats and sleeps up to 7 people! 

Including full onboard kitchen and washroom facilities. Perfect if you want many of the luxuries you’d get from being at home.

But if you are happy to cook outside and put your bed up and down each day, then the smaller Voyager may be your best bet.

campervan kitchen outdoor
A bit of al fresco dining

Ireland campervan / motorhome hire FAQ

campervan drone shot Ireland

How much is it to rent a campervan in Ireland?

Prices vary depending on which rental firm you go with. But as a rough rule of thumb, expect to pay anywhere in excess of €110 per day for a standard 4 berth camper. Some firms are cheaper if you hire a smaller 2 berth van. But for larger 6 berth motorhomes, prices in peak months are €200+.

Is wild camping legal in Ireland?

It sure is! As long as you follow some common sense principles, you can wild camp for free in almost any part of Ireland. For more information, check out our guide on the best wild camping spots in Ireland.

How old do you need to be to rent a campervan in Ireland?

It all depends on the rental firm you opt for. But for insurance purposes, many do require you to be 25 years or older. Some will rent to you if you are younger, but you may need to pay extra.

How much are deposits for campervan rentals in Ireland?

Expect to pay anywhere from €300 and up for a deposit on your campervan or motorhome rental in Ireland. Some are less and some are more, it depends on which type of vehicle you hire.

What license do you need to drive a campervan in Ireland?

If you are coming from the United Kingdom or EU, then you should be fine hiring a campervan in Ireland on your standard home license. If you are coming from further abroad, then check local license requirements as you may need some sort of International Driving Permit. Your chosen rental firm can help with this.

wild camping in Ireland
One of our favourite wild camping spots

Planning your Ireland road trip adventure

Once you’ve chosen and booked your ideal campervan hire for Ireland, it’s time to start planning your adventure!

We’ve put together a whole host of other useful guides for exactly this, and here are a few to help get you started …

If you have any other questions about renting a campervan in Ireland, just drop a comment below.

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