10 Best Motorhome & RV Rentals in Toronto [2022]

How To Book Your Chosen Rental

There are so many different rental options out there, and when you factor in different prices, extras, and add-ons, it can become quite the task to find the perfect RV rental in Toronto.

That’s why I recommend using Motorhome Republic for your motorhome rental search!

Motorhome Republic Toronto

They feature the largest array of RV rentals in Toronto, and have a great platform where you can see what vehicles are available for your chosen dates. 

RVs and motorhomes in Canada sell out early, especially for the high season, and Motorhome Republic will help you to find the best deal. 

A few more reasons to book with Motorhome Republic include:

  • Vehicle Guarantee – If for any reason the rental firm lets you down and can’t provide you with your chosen vehicle, Motorhome Republic will step in and secure you a comparable RV for no extra fees.
  • 5-Star Customer Support – Their friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is on call 24/7, and can help you with anything you might need regarding your vehicle.
  • The Best Prices – They not only offer the lowest prices out there, but also have a price match guarantee!

1. Canadream– Best RV rental in Toronto

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Brampton
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – Couples, families, and big groups
  • Availability – Check Here
Canadream Campervan and Motorhomes Rental Toronto


Canadream has been renting RVs since the 1990s, and they’ve really perfected the RV rental process

Today, they have over 1000 vehicles in their fleet, and pride themselves on being one of the best RV rentals in the Toronto area! 

Canadream specializes in affordable yet luxurious RVs that are perfect for getting out and experiencing all of the beauty that Canada has to offer! 

Vehicles on offer:

Canadream offers a variety of RVs that sleep 2-6 people. 

Their smallest vehicle, the Deluxe Van Camper is just perfect for two. This fully converted campervan contains a queen sized sofa bed, full bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink, a stove, and ample seating areas, even when the bed is down! 

The largest RV in the fleet is the Maxi Motorhome MHA, which sleeps 6. This RV has everything and more, from a full bathroom and kitchen, to a private master bedroom. 

The Maxi Motorhome MHA also has a unique layout with two single beds over the cab, which makes it ideal for not only families with kids, but also groups of adults! 

Canadream also is pet friendly, and up to two of your furry friends can come along on your journey when you rent a van in Toronto. 

2. Cruise Canada– Great choice for reliable, safe, custom-built RVs

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Bolton
  • Price range – $$-$$$
  • Best suited for – Families and groups
  • Availability – Check Here
Cruise Canada Toronto Campervan and Motorhomes for Rent


Cruise Canada is the Canadian part of the larger RV rental firm, Cruise America. They are one of the largest RV rental firms in North America, with over 129 total locations, and offices in 5 Canadian Provinces.

Cruise Canada specializes in providing safe, custom-built RV rentals, along with extraordinary customer service to make the RV rental process as seamless as possible, even for those experiencing motorhome travel for the very first time. 

Vehicles on offer:

Cruise Canada has 4 RV rentals in their fleet that fit 3-7 people.

All of their RVs are fully self-contained, and modified and updated regularly to allow their customers to visit even the most off-grid locations. 

Every RV in their fleet is pet-friendly, and has air conditioning, a toilet, shower, and a full kitchen. 

3. Outdoorsy – Largest RV rental marketplace in Toronto

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Anywhere!
  • Price range – $-$$$
  • Best suited for – Anyone!
  • Availability – Check Here
Outdoorsy Toronto Campervans for Rent


Outdoorsy is unique from all the other options for RV and campervan rental Toronto options on this list- rather than a rental firm, they are an online marketplace that lists only the most trustworthy RV and campervans for hire! 

To find the perfect RV for your trip, all you need to do is type in your trip dates and the number of people, and you’ll see all of the available options.

They have the largest array of vehicles for rent in Toronto, and are a great place to start any search!

Vehicles on offer:

Since Outdoorsy is an RV/campervan marketplace, they don’t have a set fleet, but rather several top-tier RVs that change from year to year. 

Because these are people’s personal vehicles, Outdoorsy has some really cool, unique options that will make your Canadian road trip all the more memorable.

No matter which rental you choose, you can rest assured because all of the RVs available are from reputable owners and fully insured!

4. Four Seasons– The best value RV Rentals in Toronto

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Cookstown
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – Couples, families, groups
  • Availability – Check Here
Four Seasons RV Rental Toronto


Four Seasons is an RV rental firm in Toronto that was built on the philosophy that “Just because you pay less for an RV rental, doesn’t mean you should get less.” 

With that philosophy in mind, Four Seasons has created an army of fully-equipped RV rentals that are designed to provide their customers with a world class RV rental experience. 

One thing that really sets Four Seasons apart is that they are very upfront with their rates, and what is included with their RV rentals so you don’t get hit with any surprise fees at the end of booking! 

And with that said, Four Seasons also offers some of the most competitive prices for RV rentals in Toronto.

Vehicles on offer:

Four Seasons has 5 different vehicles in their fleet- from a van conversion for 2, to an XL Motorhome that sleeps 6. 

Each RV rental has a toilet, shower, full kitchen, air-conditioning, and plenty of space to relax inside.

All vehicles in their fleet have an awning too, so you can lounge comfortably outside next to your rental. 

5. Fraserway– Best pick for accessibility and new RVs

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Cookstown
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – Couples, families, groups
  • Availability – Check Here
Fraserway Campervan and RV Rentals Toronto


Fraserway is the largest independently owned RV rental firm in Canada, and they offer a great variety of campervans, truck campers, and RVs for rent!

Their customer service is top tier, and every RV rental includes free on-road support, liability coverage, and a guaranteed vehicle that is 3 years old or newer!

A particularly unique feature of Fraserway is that they allow you to fully personalize your vacation, meaning you can pick and choose exactly what items and features you want included in your rental, so you’re not paying anything extra for items you wouldn’t otherwise be using. 

Vehicles on offer:

Fraserway has one of the largest varieties of vehicles of any RV rental firm in Canada- they have 11 different types of vehicles in their fleet! 

The vehicles in their fleet include a fully converted campervan, multiple truck campers, and both Class C and Class A RVs.

Each vehicle has all the necessary amenities for a road trip in Canada, and many are winterized! 

Fraserway also has an RV in their fleet that is wheelchair accessible- making them one of the only Toronto RV rental firms to have a wheelchair accessible vehicle. 

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Bolton
  • Price range – $-$$$
  • Best suited for – Families and Groups
  • Availability – Check Here
Motorhome Travel Canada Inc Toronto RV Rentals


Motorhome Travel Canada offers a huge selection of RV rentals in Toronto. Their rentals are competitively priced, and all models are 2014 or newer. 

They specialize in renting larger motorhomes, making this a great place to look for RV rentals for families and groups!

Vehicles on offer:

Motorhome Travel Canada has 7 different types of large RVs in their fleet, and a combination of Class A and Class C motorhomes. 

Their largest vehicles sleep 7 people, so this could be the perfect choice for large groups. 

The interior of each RV is clean, has an open layout, and features everything you could need while on the road, from a full bathroom and kitchen, to a fully off-grid electrical system.

7. Outdoor travel– The best RV rental company near Niagara Falls

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Beamsville
  • Price range – $-$$
  • Best suited for – Families and larger groups
  • Availability – Check Here
Outdoor Travel RV and Motorhomes Rental Toronto


Outdoor Travel is an RV dealership that also provides RV rentals in Toronto. 

They are located right in Beamsville, which is conveniently located very near Niagara Falls!

Outdoor Travel has a mix of class A, B, and C rentals, as well as very competitive pricing.

They also have an extremely flexible cancellation policy, and offer a full refund up until 2 weeks prior to departure!

Vehicles on offer:

Outdoor Travel has a large fleet of top-quality RVs that range from 3-berth to 8-berth. 

All of their vehicles have clean, spacious, and modern interiors, as well as all the amenities needed for your road trip! Each RV rental has AC, a full kitchen, generator, and a bathroom. 

Most of the motor homes available for rent are quite large, making Outdoor Travel a great option for big families, and larger groups looking for camping rentals in Toronto.

8. Owasco RV Rental– Best for environmentally friendly RV Rentals

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Bowmanville
  • Price range –  $-$$
  • Best suited for – Couples and families
  • Availability – Check Here
Owasco RV Rental Toronto


Owasco is a family-owned RV rental firm that has both a 5-star rental fleet, and 5-star customer service!

Some factors that really set them aside include their vehicle guarantee, and environmental concern. 

Most of their rental units are brand new, and you’re guaranteed to never rent an RV that is 3 years or older, or has over 80,000 km on it. Owasco also only uses non-toxic cleaning chemicals, as well as environmentally-safe paints and solvents.

They also offer a unique van/tent package that is perfect for budget travel adventurers!

Vehicles on offer:

From a compact Sprinter Van conversion to a luxury 6-berth Class-A RV, Owasco has an impressive variety of rentals available in their fleet. 

When renting an RV from Owasco, you can expect to travel in comfort and style. Their rentals have all the comforts of home, including a generator, full bathroom and kitchen, and even a microwave!

Owasco uses extremely discreet advertising as well, so it won’t be obvious you’re in a rental RV either. 

9. RVezy– Best for a wide, affordable selection of RV rentals

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Anywhere!
  • Price range – $-$$$
  • Best suited for – Anyone!
  • Availability – Check Here
RVezy RV and Motorhomes Rental Toronto


RVezy is a rental marketplace where verified RV owners can list their RVs out for people to rent.

They have a huge selection of RVs, with plenty of options for towables, deliverable RVs, and pet-friendly RVs!

Every rental with RVezy includes full insurance, top rated customer support, and verified RV owners.

Vehicles on offer:

RVezy is an online RV rental marketplace, so they do not have a set fleet like other camping rentals in Toronto. 

What this does mean, is that they have a unique, constantly updated selection of RVs available to rent, so you can find the perfect RV for your Canadian road trip. 

RVezy is quite popular in Toronto as well, so there are a ton of RVs for rent in the Toronto area- for any budget!

  • Pick up/drop off location/s – Mississauga
  • Price range – $$-$$$
  • Best suited for – Families and Groups
  • Availability – Check Here
Amazing Outdoors RV Trailer Rentals Toronto


If you already have a vehicle with towing capabilities, then a great alternative to an RV rental in Toronto is to rent a trailer!

Amazing Outdoors specializes in clean, spacious, and high-quality trailer rentals.

They provide amazing customer service, and include 2 million dollars in insurance coverage with their rental rates.

If you’re looking to rent a trailer in Toronto, Amazing Outdoors is the place to do it!

Vehicles on offer:

Amazing Outdoors has 2 different trailers in their fleet- the Palomino Hybrid, and the Coachmen Apex. 

The Palomino Hybrid is an ultra-light trailer that sleeps up to 6 people, and is a great option for anyone who’s just dipping their toes into trailer/RV camping. 

It includes two heated queen beds, a sofa, dinette, 3 pc bathroom with a skylight, indoor/outdoor stereo, and a fully stocked kitchen.

Their other rental, the Coachmen Apex sleeps a whopping 9 people, and is the perfect Toronto trailer rental for big families and groups.

The Coachmen Apex includes a master bedroom, separate bunk room, dinette, fridge, 3 pc bathroom, and even a bonus camp kitchen!

Toronto Motorhome and RV Rental FAQs

What do you need to rent an RV in Toronto?

To rent an RV in Toronto, you will need a driver’s license and insurance. Some firms will allow you to purchase their own CDW insurance, it’s best to inquire directly with the rental firm to see what you will need!

How much does an RV rental in Toronto cost?

The average RV rental Toronto price is anywhere from $80-$300+ a day. In the off-season, most rental rates are cheaper, while in the summer/high-season, RV daily rental rates go up about $30 per day.

If you’re planning to go for a package that includes extra campervan accessories then you’ll need to budget more for that.

Where can I park my motorhome/RV rental in Canada?

In Canada, you can legally park your RV in campgrounds for the night. Other options include truck stops, rest stops, and recreation sites.

Ready for your Canada trip?

As Toronto is a huge city you won’t need a campervan to get around. However, many people choose to rent one from this city as it’s a great starting point for exploring the rest of the country.

As well as exploring the province of Ontario you can always head to the neighboring province of Quebec and explore Montreal and Quebec City!

If you’ve got the time then you can head a bit further out to New Brunswick and the state of Manitoba which is home to the awesome city of Winnipeg.

We’ve got plenty of other RV rental guides on our website if you’ve found this one helpful:

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