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After a number of cancellations and postponements Johnny Reid finally made it home to Nepean for a nearly sold out show at Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe on Monday evening, the 111th show on the Love Someone Tour. For those who don’t know Johnny lived in Nepean with his wife about 20 years ago making this the almost like a hometown show for Johnny.The last time I saw Johnny Reid, aside from festival appearances, was at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on a big stage with a band and the NAC Orchestra backing him. On Tuesday at Centrepointe we were treated to the man behind the showman. Don’t get me wrong the show was still there but along with it was a vulnerable side of Johnny. Rather than a massive arena or music hall the Love Someone Tour has Johnny playing the smaller halls with a scaled down band featuring just piano, guitar and backup vocals.

Johnny Reid performs at Meridian Theatres in Ottawa. Photo: Renée Doiron

It was a night of stories and memories, some tears and laughs….lots and lots of laughs. Johnny performed his biggest hits, often getting the audience to help him out…ok often is an understatement. When Johnny noticed anyone in the audience not singing or clapping or dancing he’d stop the show, turn on the lights and start over much to the delight of the crowd.

Of course if you were a male audience member in the first two rows you became part of the show…I’m not going to say how because there are still a few shows left on this tour but I’ll just say that a fondness for Oh Henry bars is an asset.

Johnny Reid performs at Meridian Theatres in Ottawa. Photo: Renée Doiron

A Johnny Reid concert isn’t just a show, it’s more like an experience and the Love Someone tour is the IMAX equivalent…it brings Johnny’s larger than life persona front and centre to you in the most intimate show you’ll likely see from him for a long time.

Say what you want about the endless dad jokes and the cheesy games when Johnny Reid walks out on stage a certain electricity washes over the crowd. Johnny says jump and everyone from the 10 year old to the 100 year old jumps. The best part is that Johnny gets as much out of it as the crowd does and that may just be the secret to the magic.

Johnny Reid performs at Meridian Theatres in Ottawa. Photo: Renée Doiron

Every night after all the fun and games and the pomp and the circumstance Johnny takes a minute…well more like 4 minutes and 30 some seconds….to say “Thank You” and at that moment it all makes sense. This Love Someone tour is a love letter to his fans…the ones who sell out venues from small to large for a few hours of magic from a truly gifted Canadian performer….

The Love Someone Tour continues on Wednesday October 19 with a sold out show at the Empire Theatre in Belleville before wrapping up on New Years Eve in Truro, Nova Scotia.

A full list of remaining dates is below.

OCT 19, 2022 Empire Theatre Belleville, ON

OCT 20, 2022 Chatham Capitol Theatre Chatham, ON

OCT 21, 2022 Showplace Performance Centre Peterborough, ON

OCT 22, 2022 Showplace Performance Centre Peterborough, ON

OCT 24, 2022 Festival Hall Pembroke, ON

OCT 25, 2022 Festival Hall Pembroke, ON

OCT 27, 2022 Regent Theatre Oshawa, ON

OCT 28, 2022 Regent Theatre Oshawa, ON

NOV 4, 2022 Arts & Culture Centre St. John’s, NL

NOV 5, 2022 Arts & Culture Centre St. John’s, NL

DEC 22, 2022 PNE Winter Fair Holiday Night Concerts @ Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC

DEC 31, 2022 Rath Eastlink Community Centre Truro, NS

MAY 30, 2023 Marlin Travel presents: Cruise With Johnny Best of Holland & Belgium

For tickets or more information on any of the remaining dates visit www.johnnyreid.com/tour


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