12 Best Luxury Carry-On Luggage of 2022 [In-Depth Review!]

Quick Roundup

What to look for in a luxury carry-on luggage brand 

Size options 

You don’t want to spend all that money for a supposedly high-quality product only to realize (too late) that it doesn’t fit in the overhead locker. 

Nowadays, the standard for carry-on size has decreased.

So, make sure that the luggage can fit in your airlines, and that there are different options within the carry-on space. Some of you may only want a smaller case for an overnight stay, whereas others may need something larger for a city break. 

Extra features 

When buying a luxury carry-on luggage, you’ll expect something different from the average luggage. We’re referring to the special, extra features that can make a high-end luggage actually feel fancy and worth your money.

This could be in the form of it being super lightweight (so you can use more of the weight for your stuff), smart tech features, like in-built charging capabilities, or extra storage options, such as a dedicated compartment for your travel laptop and travel documents.


Luxury luggage should offer exceptional quality and convenience when it comes to the security of your bag. This can give you peace of mind when traveling, as you’ll know that your belongings are safe inside.

Also, they should come with their own locking mechanism rather than expecting you to purchase your own safety lock. It’s even better if the lock system is TSA approved, which can be quite useful.


Lastly is the quality of your luxury suitcase. When you’re spending more for a luggage, it should be because you can save money in the long run by not having to constantly replace it.

A designer suitcase should be designed for the optimal durability, so that a single purchase can last you for many years (if you take care of it well, of course).

Read reviews and see what existing customers have to say. Make sure that the brand is offering a quality product with great zips, strong shells, good wheels, etc!

12 Best Luxury Carry-On Luggage 

1. Horizn Studios M5

Base weight: 3.4 kg

Size: 40x55x23 cm

Capacity: 33.5L

When we talk about luxury suitcase brands, the first one that’s on top of our mind is Horizn Studios.

Known for their fantastic quality and commitment to sustainability, there are many things to love about their cabin luggage. Eco-friendly, stylish, durable, and functional, you name it.

It is easily our top pick.

We’ve personally reviewed their luggage for traveling and have only good things to say about them, especially the M5!

The M5 is the kind of carry-on luggage that you buy and use forever. Its 33.5L capacity is perfect for any short trip you have planned.

Horizn Studios M5 Essential carry-on closeup

It comes with a front pocket that can fit up to a 15-inch laptop, which makes this bag ideal if you’re a digital nomad.

You can use this pocket to store travel documents or other things for easy access. It’s also water-resistant, which can be useful if you’re caught up in light rain.

There are other excellent features, including the 360-degree spinner wheels that roll super smooth and a one-click removable smart charger if you go for the Smart line.

Not to mention the tons of color options! From the eye-catching True Red to the more muted and sophisticated Night Blue.

Using Horizn Studios M5

Plus, we love the fact that it’s sustainable and vegan! All the leather features in this luggage are fully vegan, while the production is 99% waste-free.

Even if you order it online, the brand will ship your product carbon neutrally AND with eco-friendly packaging.

And if you want to make your luxury luggage feel even more personalized and exclusive, you can opt for a three-letter monogram to your luggage tag!

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Special features:

  1. Water-resistant vegan front pocket 
  2. 360° Japanese spinner wheels
  3. Aerospace-grade German polycarbonate
  4. Sustainable and eco-friendly
  5. Customizable luggage tag monogram

2. Horizn Studios H5

Horizn Studios H5 carry-on luggage

Base weight: 2.9 to 3.1 kg

Size: 40x55x23 cm

Capacity: 35L

The H5 is another model from Horizn Studios that is just as well-made, premium, and all-round great.

Although the difference is not much, we’d recommend this over the M5 if you want slightly more space in the inner compartment and a slightly more lightweight luggage.

Note that this model also forgoes any front pocket, but does come with a hidden, premium laundry bag inside!

It also features a compression pad, which can make packing so much easier and help you fit more clothes and items.

Horizn Studios H5 Smart carry-on closeup

The H5 is certainly a brilliant choice if you’re planning a relatively longer trip or simply have more stuff to bring.

Like the M5, this luxury suitcase also offers two lines: Essential and Smart. What we truly love is the removable smart charger that comes with the Smart option.

This is a game-changing feature for when your electronics are running low on battery—no more looking around for charging ports in impossible places! The best thing is that this smart charger is cabin-approved in ALL airlines.

Horizn Studios H5  Lock closeup

The smart charger has a 10,000mAh capacity and comes with a 1m USB charging cable.

The luggage itself also features a compression pad, which keeps all your stuff in place and shirts wrinkle-free. If you’re going on a business trip, this will be a lifesaver!

Read more: In-depth Horizn Studios review

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Special features:

  1. Removable smart charger (cabin-approved!)
  2. 360° Japanese spinner wheels
  3. Compression pad for easy packing
  4. Built-in hidden laundry bag

3. Road Runner Carry-on with Laptop Pocket 20′

Base weight: 8.9 lbs

Size: 14.5”L x 9.1”W x 21.9”H

Capacity: 38L

Looking for a classy, practical hand luggage that also suits business needs? Then look no further than the road runner by Level 8 Luggage!

Excellent in both quality and design, this is a perfect luxury carry on luggage option.

It’s constructed from Germany Bayer Makrolon® Polycarbonate Hard Shell, which is a solid and durable material.

There are many organization elements, letting you pack smarter for a longer trip, and it even comes with a TSA approved lock, and silence 360 spinner wheels (which make ALL the difference when you’re stressed running last minute for your flight…)

Special features:

  1. Dedicated laptop compartment
  2. 360 silent spinner wheels
  3. Well organised interior

4. Away Luggage: The Carry-On

Away Luggage: The Carry-On

Base weight: 3.4 kg

Size: 55.1 x 34.8 x 22.9 cm

Capacity: 39.8L

The Carry-On by Away is a fantastic luxury travel bag with a relatively large capacity, making it the perfect companion for longer weekend aways.

It’s designed for efficient packing, and the interior features two compartments with a compression system so you can pack much more.

One of the most unique features of The Carry-On is the ejectable 37-watt battery with USB charger. It’s cabin-safe, TSA-approved, and best of all, able to charge your phone four times! 

We also love the thoughtful details that really make this bag feel luxurious and worth the money. For example, it has a water-resistant laundry bag to keep your dirty and clean clothes separate.

Not to mention its 360° spinner wheels, strong polycarbonate hard shell, and lovely leather details.

And if you have other Away suitcases, you can easily stack them inside each other, which is quite helpful in terms of saving closet space!

Special features:

  1. Removable 37-watt lithium-ion battery
  2. Large capacity and designed for easy packing
  3. 360° spinner wheels

5. Solgaard: The Carry-On Closet 

Solgaard: The Carry-On Closet luggage

Base weight: 8.3 lbs

Size: 20 x 13.5 x 9″

Capacity: 39L

The Carry-On Closet is exactly as its name suggests, a bag that allows you to carry your closet in carry-on luggage.

It features a unique patented closet system resembling compression cubes that makes it possible to unpack in seconds. This mechanism is also weighted in a way that keeps it balanced when you take it out. 

All you need is to release the compression strap and it will reveal six shelves, where you can store all your clothes and accessories.

The best thing is that this compartment is removable, so you can use it only when you want to, or you can even hang it from a clothing rack.

We first tried this clothing system when reviewing the Solgaard backpacks, and it really is incredibly useful!

In terms of the capacity, this luggage is the perfect size for trips around 3 to 6 days.

Additionally, Solgaard also fits it with a USB charging port for charging on-the-go, durable polycarbonate shell, and silent, frictionless wheels.

What’s impressive is that this luggage had received the Best Travel Invention of the year from TIME Magazine!

Special features:

  1. Patented removable six-shelf compartment
  2. USB charging port
  3. TSA-approved lock

6. American Tourister Moonlight Spinner

American Tourister Moonlight Spinner luggage

Base weight: 7.83 lbs

Size: 23.8 × 16.1 × 10.2 “


American Tourister is one of the leading companies in the luggage industry, but did you know that they also offer some luxury suitcases?

The Moonlight Spinner is a fancy suitcase that provides unique features and high-quality design without being too pricey.

This can be a great option for those wanting to try a luxury carry-on for the first time.

We love this model for its fun and bright hardside design. The three color and pattern choices are all gorgeous and striking, including Rose Gold and Cosmos.

The interior consists of two compartments with a zippered mesh pocket on one side and cross straps on the other.

It also comes with spinner wheels that make it easy to roll on various surfaces, while the top handle features a beveled push-button for easy locking and a comfortable grip.

If you ever find that the current capacity isn’t enough, the luggage can expand up to 1.5” for extra space.

Special features:

  1. Fun color and pattern options
  2. Reasonably priced for a luxury luggage
  3. 10-year global warranty

7. Samsonite Tribute NXT Spinner Carry-On

Samsonite Tribute NXT Spinner Carry-On luggage

Base weight: 5.5 lbs

Size: 21.5″ × 15″ × 9″


There are many French luggage brands who make luxury suitcases, but there is probably no more recognizable household name than Samsonite.

The Spinner Carry-On is part of the coveted Tribute NXT collection, a luxury line that prides itself on its durability and lightweight construction.

Its locking handle has a push-button system that is easy to retract and detract, while still being ultra-comfortable to hold, thanks to the rubber grip.

There is also the flush-mounted TSA lock, which not only keeps your belongings safe, but also makes going through security in the airport a breeze.

As a luxury hardside luggage, you can bet on its strong shell surface. But more than that, we adore the sleek design that comes in three metallic, mellow colors.

The interior features color-matched fabric and elements for a cohesive and elegant look. 

Meanwhile, the zippered compartment and cross straps will help keep everything in place, even when you’re rolling your luggage through uneven terrains.

Special features:

  1. Comfortable rubber grip
  2. Color-matched interior
  3. Three sleek color options

8. Nomatic Carry-on PRO

Nomatic Carry-on PRO luggage

Base weight: 8.86 lbs

Size: 22″ x 14″ x 9″

Capacity: 29L

For those who love designer luggage, you will adore Nomatic’s Carry-on Pro. This is the perfect option for business people, travel bloggers, and digital nomads who want to protect their tech even with just a single bag.

The defining and winning feature is its specialized tech compartment, which can fit up to a 16” laptop and comes with various organization pockets for your electronic accessories.

This is also easily accessible, which means you can get whatever you need for your work without opening your entire luggage.

It also features a unique magnetic compression panel that can compress the entire compartment so you can fit more things inside while keeping them neat and secure.

In addition, the 100% Makrolon polycarbonate material is measured to the 10th of a millimeter for extra strength and durability.

Special features:

  1. Specialized tech compartment
  2. Magnetic compression panel
  3. Strong 100% Makrolon polycarbonate

9. TUMI- International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On

International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On luggage by TUMI

Base weight: 7.8 lbs

Size: 14″ W X 21.8″ H X 9″ D

Capacity: 38L

Another one of our favorite go-to French luggage brands is TUMI. We especially love this International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On.

It certainly lies on the higher end of the luxury luggage spectrum but can be truly worth it when you think about all you’re getting.

First, there’s the reputability of the brand itself and the fact that they’re expandable and boasts a contemporary silhouette. The fluid, angled geometric lines look quite striking from a distance, which sets your luggage apart.

The bag itself uses a recycled polycarbonate shell that is both light and durable, whereas the smooth and silent wheels make it so easy to maneuver.

More impressively is the trademark PROTX2® technology. This is an antimicrobial lining that can prevent bacteria growth and mold inside the luggage, so that your clothes and items will stay clean and fresh!

Special features:

  1. Complementary monogram
  2. Anti-microbial interior lining
  3. Built-in USB port

10. Roam Luggage- The Jaunt Expandable 

The Jaunt Expandable luggage by Roam Luggage

Base weight: 7.3 lbs

Size: 22” x 14.25” x 11.5” (expanded)

Capacity: 51L

The Jaunt that we’ve talked about earlier is a piece of excellent luggage, but if you’re looking for something a bit larger and expandable, then The Jaunt Expandable is for you.

When unexpanded, this suitcase is only 9.5” deep but can gain up to 2 full inches when you expand it, giving you a total of 51L.

This is an extraordinarily large capacity for a carry-on, which makes it perfect for those of you traveling for a longer duration.

Like The Jaunt, this luggage is also made of 100% virgin polycarbonate shell and has a telescoping handle. There are four height settings so you can adjust it to your preference.

Of course, any good luxury suitcase would come with a TSA-approved lock and smooth wheels.

Its other features include the water-repellent zipper, interior compression systems, and washable fabric lining that makes it simple to keep clean.

And yes, you can also enjoy everyone’s favorite thing about ROAM luggage: the fully customizable design and 100-day return policy!

Special features:

  1. Expandable to 51L capacity
  2. Fully customizable with 100-day return policy
  3. 100% virgin polycarbonate shell

11. Packs Travel – Bancroft Jetset Traveler

Packs Travel - Bancroft Jetset Traveler

Base weight:

Size: 21″ X 7″ X 12″ 


Modern luggage can look repetitive and monotonous with its blocky, minimalist silhouette. If you think it’s time to revisit the classic suitcase design, you will love the Bancroft Jetset Traveler.

Made from premium vegan leather, this is the bag that allows you to savor the beautiful charm of leather while still being cruelty-free.

It comes in two versatile colors, black and red, where gold details on the hardware accentuate the sleek and elegant look of this luggage.

Inside, you have access to two zipper pockets and a standard cutaway inner storage. These are great features to have for easier packing and better organization.

Also, this Packs suitcase comes with easy-rolling wheels and a luggage tag.

Special features:

  1. High-quality vegan leather 
  2. Cut away storage inner pocket
  3. Beautiful gold detailing on hardware

12. RIMOWA Essential Cabin 

RIMOWA Essential Cabin luggage

Base weight: 7.1 lbs

Size: 21.7 x 15.8 x 9.1”

Capacity: 44.5L

Last but not least, we want to recommend one of the most coveted luxury French luggage brands: Rimowa. Our pick for today is the perfect companion for a 3-day trip.

The Cabin is part of their Essential collection, which had been the originator of polycarbonate suitcases and incorporated German engineering to produce the best quality and technology.

There are 11 whopping varieties to browse through, from gloss to matte, green to black. So really, it’s impossible not to find the right color for you!

Apart from its quality and high-tech construction, the most appealing thing about Rimowa luggage is hands-down their trademark vertical line design.

But its actual features aren’t to ignore either! We love that the Cabin has the adaptable Flex Divider, which makes it easy to organize your belongings the way you like it.

There is also the TSA-approved lock and telescopic handle.

Of course, we won’t forget the pioneering, high-end Multiwheel system that ensures the most breezy and effortless steering, thanks to the cushioned axels on the wheels.

Special features:

  1. The original polycarbonate suitcase
  2. 11 gorgeous colors in matte or gloss
  3. Pioneering Multiwheel system

Which luxury carry-on luggage do you want?

Yes, there are a ton of luxury carry-on luggage brands out there that it can take hours just to narrow them down.

We’ve done the tedious work for you and hope that this list can provide the best recommendations for you.

Of course, our top pick remains the M5 and H5 from Horizn Studios, which are durable and packed with various high-tech features. 

That said, which of these fancy luggage do you think you’ll get?

Or do you have any other recommendations?

Just drop a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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