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As a musician, you have a unique platform to raise money and bring awareness to important causes. Even bands and solo artists with small followings can engage their fan base to get behind causes they care about – whether it’s fundraising for a personal cause or a pressing global issue. Here are three ways on how to raise funds for the causes you hold close to your heart.


Modern day music projects involve a music strategy that surrounds your brand. This could range from physical items such as merchandise (e.g: shirts and stickers) to non-physical things like your individual songs. You could host a giveaway of these items to your fans in exchange for donations towards your cause. This is an easy way to spread the word about a special cause and raise money for issues you care about. The cost involved is minimal, as you can host these giveaways with items you already have on hand.

Rare and bespoke gifts

If you’re fundraising for a cause you really care about, consider pulling out all the stops. You could create something new and exclusive or by give away a personal collectible in exchange for your fans’ donations. Personalize the experience by writing and recording an original song for a fan, or even perform a private concert at their house. Your fans might also appreciate a rare collectible, like an instrument or piece of memorabilia. This may require more effort on your end, but it will be worth it for a cause that is especially important to you.


Getting your audience engaged and excited about the cause you’re fundraising for is your best chance at rallying support. Contests can generate excitement in huge ways – especially if they’re fun and competitive! This only requires a little time, creativity, and some basic social media know-how. Get creative – base the contests around your music or choose something that you think your fans will enjoy. Even if they’re designed to raise money, contests are a great way to incorporate some fun into the process of fundraising.

Striking the right tone

Something to keep in mind is how to deliver the message behind your campaign. Try to understand your audiences’ perspective to adopt a tactful yet persuasive tone. If you shy from mentioning the cause or talk about it indifferently, you’re likely not to draw too much attention. However, you may draw people away from your cause if you adopt an aggressive or pushy approach. Remember that your fans are people with busy lives and personal concerns – just like you. Adopting an empathetic and tactful approach will help you strike the right tone.

If you’re a developing artist, there are a limited number of causes you can realistically draw your fans’ attention to. Choose wisely and don’t hold back your creativity and enthusiasm!

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