5 Latin Creators And How Their Culture Empowers Their Art

With Hispanic Heritage Month underway, Teen Vogue highlights latin women making waves in the art, fashion, and multimedia scenes. As one of the greatest forms of expression, art has always been a powerful tool for Latina and Hispanic women to honor their roots and keep their heritage alive. Shaping a unique voice and reflecting the diversity of their upbringings, in this day and era, several Latina artists have established themselves as forces to be reckoned with across fields. While there’s no limit to celebrating Latinx and Hispanic communities’ history and cultural contributions – From multi-hyphenate creative director COVL to slow-fashion designer Monica Olivera, keep scrolling to discover how these creative forces are leaving a lasting print with their work. 


Multidisciplinary Artist

D’ana Nuñez — better known as COVL — is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work spans from illustration and murals to art direction. Often inspired by people, places, and experiences, COVL’s diverse body of work reflects her Puerto Rican heritage and love for storytelling. An amalgam of projects across fields, her portfolio includes collaborations with brands like Nike, Adobe, Spotify, and Netflix. Most notably, Nuñez was in charge of designing the cover and logo of the hit series Never Have I Ever

 Nuñez credits her success to her upbringing in Puerto Rico and Florida and her single father’s parenting. Convinced that art is therapy, COVL finds comfort in knowing that she is creating conversations and opening up to new ideas and experiences through her work. She also understands how art can positively impact communities and wishes to deliver hope and change through her craft. Among her long-term goals is to open art centers in Puerto Rico, where kids have free access and resources to express their creativity.

Courtesy of De Maria 

Lukas Sheehan

Genoveva Pedrero Setzer

Head of Design at De Maria

Head of Design at De Maria, the New York-based accessories brand, Genoveva Pedrero Setzer traces her creative journey to the countless hours she has spent in markets and artisan workshops in Chiapas, Mexico. As a Parsons alumn with over eight years of experience in the fashion industry, the designer derives inspiration from Mexico’s traditional design techniques and cultural richness. The shapes, colorways, and textures she works with are influenced by architecture, the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, and the strong female figures in her life, namely her mother, tías (aunts), and abuelas (grandmothers).

Pedrero Setzer regards art as a medium to connect with her past generations and hopes that her creations will help people understand the multi-dimensional complexities of Latinidad. She also considers art to be political and describes her chosen medium of expression and viewpoint as a direct response to the depiction of Latinx communities during the 2016 elections. Whenever hurtful incidents arise, Pedrero Setzer likes to find solace in the beauty within her culture and actively chooses to bring it forth from the chaos. 

Courtesy of Carlos Morlaan

Sofia Elias

Founder and designer at Blobb

Sofia Elias is a multidisciplinary artist, sculpturist, and architect based in Mexico City. Founder of the jewelry brand Blobb — a favorite among Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Doja Cat — Elias labels her work as “sculptures for the body.” Always daring to experiment, the Mexican creative usually sources inspiration from books, streets, friends, and family — including her young nephews.

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