5 Ways To Tailor Your Medication Regimen That Benefit You

4. Decrease the number of tablets or injections taken daily

There are different strengths and forms of the same medication. By utilizing the available options, you may find easier ways to treat your diabetes. For example, metformin and metformin ER are the same drug, but metformin ER is the extended-release version. This means that it doesn’t have to be taken as often, which can simplify your daily regimen.

If you are taking an injectable non-insulin medication for your diabetes, ask your doctor or pharmacist if there is a once-daily or once-weekly option for you.

Also, if your dose has increased to taking two or more of the same tablet at the same time, you can ask your pharmacist to see if there might be a higher-dose tablet to minimize the number of pills taken each day.

5. Review your medications with a pharmacist

A promising strategy to simplify your treatment regimen is a multi-step process that begins with a medication review with your pharmacist or healthcare provider. They can help assess the benefits and risks of each medication and potentially ‘deprescribe’ any that are no longer appropriate. Deprescribing is the planned and supervised process of dose reduction or stopping a medication that might be causing harm or is no longer of benefit. Deprescribing is part of good prescribing – backing off when doses are too high or stopping medications that are no longer needed. A medication review can also be a good time to assess all of the other options mentioned above, as well.

Once this process is complete, your pharmacy will likely provide you with a list of all of your medications with dosages and frequency of use. You will find that this helps keep everything clear and organized. Make sure that you or your pharmacist update the list when changes are made.

Pharmacists can help simplify a complex medication regimen by answering your questions. They can also help you take advantage of systems designed to help automate prescription refills and can point you to time-saving tips and tricks to make using medications easie

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