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I TOTALLY understand how hard it can be to eat healthy while in school, no matter what level of education or degree you’re working on. And even as parents, it can be hard to make sure you’re taking care of your diet and health while you’re worrying about your child’s/children’s.

To help EVERYONE save some time (and money) and stay on top of their nutrition goals as we transition back into school season (whether you’re attending in person or not), I’ve put together this super easy list of one-pot recipes. These work great as meal preps if you’re using them for yourself, or as an easy way to reduce stress in the kitchen while you’re cooking for a family.

Let’s do it!

One Pot Lemon & Shrimp Pasta

I’m a massive fan of the Mediterranean diet, which is why half the recipes on this list come from it. This particular pasta dish is packed with refreshing flavors thanks to the lemon, feta, and cherry tomatoes. Not a huge fan of olives? No problem! This recipe can still hold its own without them. But make sure you add the spinach at the very end and continue to fold it into the pasta and let it wilt. It might look like you’re using too much at first, but trust the recipe, and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy and satisfying pasta!

One Pot Mediterranean Lamb Pasta

Although the Mediterranean diet tends to prioritize seafood, it does occasionally allow for red meat—especially lamb. The flavors here are a sharp departure from the Shrimp & Lemon pasta above; we’re swapping the refreshing citrus flavors for a more hearty tomato and veggie base that you’re going to love. While you can substitute the lamb for another ground meat, I strongly encourage you not to as lamb is LOADED with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and helps keep this recipe even more health-conscious.

Are you starting to feel a little pasta-ed out? Switch things up with this couscous recipe that’s heavy on the veggies and uses shrimp once again. One of the best things about this recipe is that you can do the whole thing, start to finish, in about thirty minutes. I love the way the couscous is elevated by slightly toasting it before adding in the broth and allowing it to finish cooking, and I bet that you will too. Just make sure that the pot cools down after you sear the veggies, or you won’t toast the couscous, you’ll burn it.

Taco Tuesday One Pot Soup

I’m NEVER going to give up on my mission to free tacos from Tuesdays so that they can be enjoyed every day of the week 😂. This soup brings us one step closer to victory! This is a budget-friendly back to school recipe that’s loaded with vibrant flavors and, like chili, seems to get better and better every time you come back to it—unless, of course, you’re cooking this one up for your family. In that case, I guarantee there won’t be any left for the next day. This is a great recipe for fall as we move into cooler weather. Make sure you use low sodium broth to keep this on the healthier side!

Instant Pot Beef & Veggie Minestrone

This is another excellent soup option as we head into fall, and I think it’s the quickest one-pot recipe on this list! This is a hearty beef and veggie soup that works great for either lunch or dinner. This is a relatively low-fat and high protein recipe that can work well as a post-workout meal. This soup is also a great way to boost your immune system as it’s loaded with tons of nutrients that will help build up your body’s natural defenses. I can get this recipe done in less than fifteen minutes; if you beat my record, I want to hear about it on Instagram @FitMenCook!

It just wouldn’t be a good list of one pot recipes if it didn’t include chili, right? This is one of my favorite chili recipes because it uses bison (one of my fav proteins) and is overflowing with flavor thanks to the shallot and chili pepper. I also use chopped mushrooms, which may seem out of place to you if you’re a chili purist, but I love the texture they bring to the table. As usual, you should feel free to experiment with the seasonings somewhat to make this chili truly your own, but if you’re tracking your macros, you’ll want to follow the rest of the directions closely.


I hope you decide to give one or some or ALL of these one pot recipes a try as you transition back to school. And be sure to tag me on Instagram @FitMenCook when you do so that I can share your masterpiece with the community!

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