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Do you have a pregnant friend and you are thinking of getting a personalized gift for her? You want to give her a pregnancy gift to congratulate her. Probably you are looking at pregnancy gifts that will help her along the journey to the 9 months. Actually, it is not easy to find presents for pregnant friend and not for baby. But not to worry, I have searched through Amazon and found excellent presents for pregnant friend and not for baby.

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1.           Pregnancy planner for moms – 40 weeks pregnancy planner

The 40th Weeks pregnancy planner helps you to plan your birth and delivery plan, express your thoughts and feelings every week, take baby growth scan, and record medical appointments (including medical tests such as X-rays, Blood pressure, ECG, and Ultrasonography. It also has spaces for recording your medications (date, time taken), weight tracking, Hospital bag lists, and lots of spaces to write things you feel like expressing in words. It is a superb gift for a pregnant friend and not for the baby during the baby showers, Christmas, holidays, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s day. A great way to express your love for your pregnant friend/boss/coworkers, employee, etc.

2.           Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal that contains 100 pages of notes. You can write down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions during the pregnancy. This can act as a keepsake thereafter. This is a superb gift for baby showers, Christmas, holidays, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s day.

3.           Activity / coloring book for pregnant people

pregnancy activity coloring book

Pregnancy is a great thing. The fact that you are producing a new human is great. But then, because of the longetivity (9 months) it can be boring at times. A good activity / colouring book keeps your mind occupied, and keeps the brain sharp. If you are feeling tired and bored, try this activity book. It is loaded with different activities such as fun activities, coloring images, Sudoku, word search, photo/drawing spaces, Trimester to do list (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters), baby stuff checklists for baby showers, hospital, etc. and lots of spaces to write. This is a superb gift for baby shower, Christmas, holiday, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day.

4.         Hatch-To-Hospital Box

The hatch to hospital box is a box containing labor, delivery, and postpartum gifts. It includes a robe, nightgown, brief and socks. It is suitable for the hospital bag. A great gift for expecting moms.

5.           7 in 1 pregnancy nursing pillow

This is another pregnancy nursing pillow with more functions. It helps to lift the leg for circulation so you can prevent swelling, the neck pillow helps you to rest the neck comfortably, the maternity pillow is great for side sleeping, the nursing and breastfeeding pillows are great for feeding the baby, and the baby lounger is great for babies to play and rest. It has more perks such as the 2 covers which is useful for conversion to a newborn lounger.

6.           Mummy bag – hospital bag

The mummy bag is a printed hospital bag for labor and delivery. It has enormous space for newborn baby stuff and mummy stuff too. It includes a space for milk bottles, wet pocket for wet clothes and towels, pockets for diapers and wipes, etc. It is useful for overnight hospital stay for labor and delivery and even for traveling.

7.           Belly armor blanket

The belly armour blanket helps to block the harmful radiation from getting to you and the baby. This means you can use 5G cell phones laptops, wi-fi and other smart home devices without getting worried.

8.           Straight body pillow

The straight body pillow is a great pillow for pregnant women. It is soft, easy to shape, long enough to cover the body and very light too. It does not take too much room and it can mould to your body size, thanks to the microbeads that adjust to your body movement. This helps to relieve stress on hips, shoulders and other parts of the body as you move while sleeping.

9.           Belly down pregnancy pillow

The belly down pregnancy pillow helps pregnant women to sleep on their bellies. This is espeically great if you are a belly sleeper. It has a spot for you to put your belly as you sleep. This helps you to rest well as you sleep. You can also take it along as you travel.

10.           Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/delivery/nursing hospital gown and matching swaddle set

The baby be mine 3 in 1 labor, delivery and nursing gowns and matching swaddle set (hat, swaddle blanket and hat/headband) The gown is has shoulder straps that makes it east to breastfeed a baby and also provide skin to skin contact. The front flap makes it easy to move and also provide accessibility for medical examination. Check it out now!

11.         Milky chic – celebrating motherhood gift box

The Milky chic gift box is specially packaged for pregnant moms. The product include a relaxing soak in tub, a milk and honey bath bom, a nourishing tea and a sleep mask to make you feel special. It is one of the best presents for pregnant friend not for baby.

12.         Trilastin maternity stretch mark prevention cream

The trilastin maternity stretch mark creams helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The pack also contains the hydro-thermal accelerator helps to open up the pors to allow the skin to absorb more of the stretch mark prevention cream. This helps to prevent or stop stretch mark from appearing.

13. Pregnancy bed and Pillow

The pregnancy bed and pillow provides support for the hip and back while allowing you to lie on your tummy or side to rest. It is great for relaxation, rest, book reading, massage, etc. You can even use it on the beach. It comes in different color such as lavender, mint, silver and pink. Click on the image above to check it out.

14.         Belly bandit

The belly bandit is a set of pregnancy devices that include the belt, back support pillow and a pregnancy wedge pillow.  The pregnancy pillow help you to sleep on your side to maintain healthy flow of blood and air to your body. It adjusts as the baby grows. The back support helps to keep your back in shape by relieving pressure while you sleep. The 3 piece set helps you to sleep better in your 2nd and 3rd trimester.

15.         Pregnancy skin care kit for stretch match

The striot pregnancy skin care kit for stretch mark helps to reduce the appearance of and depth of stretch marks. It helps to make your skin smooth and soft. It removes the distension produced by stretching. This makes it difficult to get stretch mark.

16.         Birth ball with base legs

The birth ball comes with base legs for stability. The legs also acts as handles to carry it from one place to aother. This prevents it from rolling up and down and to stand upright. It is leak proof and does not deflate or pop. The birth ball is adjustable to any height and firmness.  The birth ball helps to induce labor, soothes and calms babies, promoes prenantal fitness. It is one of the most amazing presents for pregnant friend not for baby.

17.         Mama Mio Tummy Rub routine

The Mama Mio tummy rub routine is a set of skin care products for pregnant women and not for babies. It includes the tummy rub, tummy rub butter and the tummy rub oil. It helps the bump and the boobs.

18.         Evereden soothing mask 2nd/3rd trimester

The Evereden soothing belly mask is a set of 2 skin care items for pregnant women – the soothing belly mask for stretch marks that helps to reduce the appearane of strech marks by hydrating, soothing and treating the bump. The second product is the nourishing stretch mark cream helps to reduce dryness and itchiness. The two products are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

19.         Breastfeeding starter kit

The breastfeeding starter kit includes four (4) nursing pads, a padded nursing bra, a mesh bag for washing and storage and a carry case for pads. This is a perfect hospital kit for moms to be. It also serves as a useful postpartum kit.

20.         Womb music bluetooth belly speaker

The womb music bluetooth belly speaker plays music, sounds and voices to babies while you relax. This helps to create a strong bond with your baby before delivery. All you need do is to place it on the bump. It comes with headphone jacks so any anyone can listen with the unborn baby. The volume is adjustable and there is a storage for music too. The womb music is beneficial because it stimulates the baby in the womb. Through this, you can pass sound, education and language to the baby before it is delivered. Click on the image above to check it out.

21.         Burts bees – Mama bees relaxation collection

The burts bees relaxation collection contains a bottle of mama bee body oil, mama bee belly butter and mama bee leg and foot creme. The body oil and lotion helps to relieve itchiness in areas where the bump is growing. It also reduce or eliminates strecth marks. The belly butter helps to make the bump skin smooth. The leg and foot cream helps to relieve cramps.

22.         Wavhello Bellybuds baby bump headphones

The Wavhello belly buds baby bump headphones is another great belly speakers for pregnant women. With this device, you can play music and messages from loved ones to the baby in the womb through your iOS, android or any audio device. You can use it at home, in the office, when taking a walk, etc. It helps you to connect with the baby in the womb. This is one of the best presents for pregnant friend not for baby.

23.         Pregnancy gifts for first time moms

This is a unique spa gift perfect for first time moms. Becoming a mom is not easy and you need take a day off to enjoy yourself. The gift includes candle, bracelet, almond & scented soap, bath ball, pink socks and much more. This is one of the best presents for pregnant friends not for the baby.

24.         Birds & Bees Teas

The Birds & Bees Teas contain essential nutrients that can help supplement prenatal vitamin. It is suitable for the 1st Trimester through the 3rd trimester. The tea will help to nourish your body throughout the pregnancy period.

25.         Yeapop Pregnancy travel kit

This is a pregnancy travel kit that helps pregnant women to be comfortable as they travel. The kit includes 1 reflective car sticker, inflatable lumbar and back support cushion, foot rest inflatable pillor and car seat belt inflatable pillow. These items helps to relieve pain associated with long distance travel, making you to enjoy the journey.

26.         Motherlove pregnant belly salve

The pregnant belly salve herbal balm helps to relieve itchy skin and prevent stretch marks caused by growing skin in pregnancy. It is a lightweight oil infused with skin soothing and nourishing herbs, beeswax and shea butter.

27.         Baby bump headphones

This is an excellent gift that helps you to connect and bond with your baby. It has a stereo audio splitter that helps you to listen to what you are playing for the baby. It comes with an app that allows you, dad and loved ones to record messages, songs, stories and read books to the baby in the womb.

28.         TUPNONO Belly band for pregnancy

The belly band for pregnancy helps to relieve pain in the hip, pelvis and other areas of the body. It provides support to the back and the bump. It is recommended by doctors as it helps to reduce spinal pressure by support pregnancy weight in the belly. It also heps to reduce swelling in the hands, legs and feet.

29.         Sensible organic belly balm

The organic belly balm is made from shea butter, jojoba oil, and calendula. It helps to protect, soothes and nourish the growing skin as the baby develops.  It is USDA certified.

30.         Side sleeping support pillow

The L shaped body pillow is a full pregnancy pillow that helps to support the belly and provides comfort. It relieves pressure in different parts of the body, supports the head, neck, spine, belly, back, hips and legs. It comes with a pillowcase with long zippered opening. Click on the image above to check it out.

31.         Intimia breast pillow chest wrinkles prevention and breast support

The Intimia breast pillow helps to support the breast. It is espeically great for women that sleep on the side, back or stomach. It reduces chest wrinjles and discomfort that comes from tender breasts.

32.         Trilasting nourishing body oil

The trilasting nourishing body oil makes your skin smooth, reduces stretch marks and hydrates the skin. It also supports the belly’s elasticity as the baby grows. It is rich in sunflower, olive, rose, and shea butter.

33.         Moisturizing belly mask

The moisturing belly mask helps to moisturize, strengthens and enhance the skin elasticitty during pregnancy. This helps to reduce and prevent stretch marks. The belly mask is created to cover growing bumps by the sides and areas below the bump. It is one of the most adorable presents for pregnant friend not for baby.

34.         Women’s fluff year slide slipper

The women’s fluff year slide slipper is a combination of a slipper and sandal. It is fluffy and soft. It is comfortable and well made with a sturdy rubber sole. This makes it good to wear in the house as slippers and outside the house as sliders. The elastic round the foot is also comfortable. Pregnant moms will love it.

35.         Maternity off shoulders half circle gown

Searching for an adorable maternity dress for baby shower? This is a cute present for pregnant friends that is not for the baby. It is lightweight, low stretch and not see through. It is an elegant gown suitable for baby shower, anniversary, engagement photo sessions and maternity sessions. It comes in different adorable colors.

36.         Women’s maternity dress

This is a lightweight, breathable, and skin friendly maternity dress for all seasons. It is especially great for all stages of prgenancy and postpartum. I comes in different colors. It is suitable for baby shower, maternity photoshoot, daily wear, Christmas party dress gift, etc.

37.         Harmony ball pregnancy Bola necklace

The harmony ball pregnancy necklace is a masterpiece you can give out as a present for pregnant friend and not for baby. It adds color to life and it produces a melodious sound that can sooth a baby during pregnancy. It can serve as a prayer bell, jewelry gift for pregnan women, etc.

38.         Maternity loungewear set

This is a cozy and comfortable wear for pregnant women. It is comfortable from head to toe and is a cool wear in summer and winter. In fact, it is perfect for all seasons of the year. You can wear it for sleeping, yoga, meditation and much more. It is stretchy and adjustable which enables it to fit you through the pregnancy journey. It has deep pockets for your daily necessities too.

39.         Fujifilm instax mini camera

You need to capture every moment of your pregnancy. The Fujifilm camera come in handy for this purpose. It is a slim body size with transparent ring lens. It has a selfie mirror for the perfect selfie. You can take photos of your baby bump as it grows and use it as a keepsake thereafter. It helps to preserve important memories.

40.         Mommy bag for hospital travel

The Lumommy hospital bag is trendy bag  that looks stylish and chic. It is a suitable hospital bag or mom bag for hospital when you want to deliver your baby. It is smooth, thick, study and chic as well. It can endure the wear and tear of every day use for long without losing its chic design or functionality.

41.         New mom tumbler

The new mom tumbler is an adorable present for pregnant friend and not for baby. It is useful for pregnancy and thereafter. The tumbler is perfetc for both hot or cold drinks. It is a cup a pregnant woman will cherish for a long time.

42.         Anti slip non-skid socks

The anti slip non-skid socks is made with high quality soft crystal particles to help you grip the floor and prevent falls, ensure safety and increase stability. It also protects the ankle. It fits every foot size and shape, providing enough softness and comfort. It is perfect for wearing in the house, at the hospital, etc.

43.         Emeterm relieve nausea electrode stimulator morning sickness

The Emeterm stimuator is a wristband device that helps to relieve nausea, retching and vomiting caused by motion sickness and pregnancy morning sickness. The product has high targeted neuromodulation that provides relief quickly with no side effects. It is light weight and can go anywhere with you. What a great presents for pregnant friend and not for baby. Click on the image above to check it out.

44.         Wellness shower bombs

The Lifearound2angels bath bombs set includes 12 handmade bath bombs specially designed for relaxation. It is therapeutic and moisturizing for pregnant moms, especially those with normal or dry skin. It is one of the most perfect presents for pregnant friend and not for baby.

45.         Curie All-Natural Deodorant

The curie deodorant is a clean and natural deodorant that can keep you smelling great for up to 24 hours straight. It smells feminine, delicate and it spreads fine. It is safe for pregnant women.

46.         Motherlove nipple cream

The Motherlove organic nipple cream is for breastfeeding purposes. It relieves any damage caused to the nipples. It is not scented, does not have lanolin and can be used while breastfeeding. It is also useful for use as a lubricant and it helps to soothe sore nipples during pregnancy.

47.         Lanoplis 101 Ointment Fruities Trio

The Lanoplis 101 ointment is another nipple cream that helsp to deep moisturize the nipple. It is a natural product from sheep wool. It does not contain parabens, articificial fragrance and petrolatum

48.         Bubble bath / salts

The Musee Therapy Bath Soak set is a natural bath salt set with refreshing scents. It contains three different bath soaks – Oh what a night bath soak, dreamweaver bath soak that helps to soothe and relax tired muscles. The third bath soak, Just breath bath soak helps to relieve pain from the back, arms and legs.

49.         Self care gift basket for pregnant women

This is a set of pampering gift for women. The set includes a rose bath bomb, rose bath salt, citrus shower steamer, lavender shower steamer, lavender body butter and body oil. The body oil mosturizes the skin, the body butter helps to hydrate, cleanse and nourish the skin and citrus steamer gives you the soothing spa like feeling. It is one of the most perfect presents for pregnant friend and not for baby.

50.         Slip silk sleep Mask

The slip silk sleep mask is a perfect present for pregnant women and not for the baby. It help to block out light while you sleep. It is soft, of high quality and gentle on the skin. This helps you to sleep more.

51.         Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag For Expectant Mother

The Petunia picklebottom backpack bag is a roomy bag with insulated front zippered pocket to keep your water bottles cold and organized. There are spacious zip around compartment, zippered pocket for keeping phones. You can store your cosmetic cases, pacifiers, baby bottles and stroller clips for outing.

52.         Gift basket for expecting mothers

The gift basket contains seven pieces of gifts – a day journal, a fox and bay muslin swaddle blanket, a pacifier, bath bombs for the spa experience, cozy socks and greeting cards. This is a perfect gift for pregnant moms.

53.         Breast Milk Bags

The Zip top breast milk storage bags are reusable silicone freezer bags. It contains a set of 6 milk bags and a freezer tray. This helps ou to store and organize breast milk in the freezer or refrigerator. It is free from BPA, lead, latex and PVC. It is safe to use for freezer and bottle warmers.

54.         Pregnancy prayer cards

This is a perfect gift for pregnant friends and not for the baby. It contains a set of 20 cards to assist you in praying for yourself and your baby as they grow. It includes prompted prayer cards and a weekly description of the baby’s growth. The prayer promts came with bible verses for all the weeks of pregnancy.

55.         Sono Health Portable EKG Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

The Sono health portable heart rate monitor is an ECG personal monitor that uses the bluetooth connection. It helps to detect vital heartbeat. It can detect vital warning  signs. It helps you to know the status of your heart and take necessary actions. Click on the image above to check it out!

56.         Kedrian pregnancy gifts for first time moms

The Kedrian pregnancy gifts is a perfect pregnancy gifts for friends. It is a complete gift box containing a tumbler, lavender candle made with essential oil, moisturizing soap, refreshing bath bombs, succulent and a card. The items are of high quality materials.

57.         Pipette to Mamma

The Pipette to mamma tube is a clean nurturing and non toxic bath and body gift set for pregnant moms. It helps to cleanse the skin and moisturize it. The rich belly butter helps to reduce the effect of stretch marks and stimulate lymph flow to help the body to detoxify.

58.         Segater women’s Multicolor Tote Bag

The segater women’s multicolor tote bag is a perfect present for pregnant friend. It is a 100% leather bag tote that will last for a very long time. It has 6 pockets to store essentials, a big compartment, 2 open pockets for notes, pens, cosmetic, tissues, etc. A zipper pocket  for phones, large wallet for notebook and umbrella. It is a perfect gift for pregnant women for Christmas, holidays, Easter and valentine’s day.

59.         Underwear for pregnant women

The Sunnybuy women’s maternity high waist underwear is made of stretchy and elastic material, so it stretches over the bump easily. The material is also soft, breathable and comfortable. It covers the entire bump, support the belly and keep it warm. It stretches as the baby grows. Perfect for pregnant women.

60.         Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit For Labor, Delivery & Postpartum

The Frida mom hospital packing kit is a great present for pregnant friends and not for baby. It contains a peri bottle, 4 underwears, 4 instant ice Maxi padsicles, witch hazel pad liners (24 pieces), perineal healing foam and much more. It is a preparation kit that includes everything a pregnant woman needs for labour, delivery and postanatal care.

61.         Electric Heating Pad

The Mighty bliss electric heating pad is good for back pain due to the heavy weight of the baby i the stomach. It also relieves relieves back, neck, and shoulder pains and sore muscles fast. It can be used wet or dry.

62.         Hospital robe for labour/delivery, Baby Blanket and maternity dress

This is a 3 set pieces of nursing robe, maternity dress and a matching baby blanket. This can be used at any stage of the pregnancy i.e. as a maternity dress, labor/delivery and a post-partum dress too. It is a perfect gift for pregnant women for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and much more.

63.         Foot massager

The Nekteck Shiatsu foot massager machine is a special gift for pregnant women to help massage the foot reflex zones and poins to improve the foot wellness. It is also configured to boost the blood circulation on the soles and feet. It is a great way to unwind after a busy day.

64.         Mama Necklace dainty

The mama necklace is a 14k gold dipped necklaces for women. It is a perfect present for a pregnant friend. It is a great way to celebrate being a new mom and it also shows how much you appreciate her. It is a suitable gift for Christmas, baby shower, birthdays, etc.

65.         Amposh women’s Maternity Joggers

The women’s maternity jogger and quick dry pant workout sweatpant is a jogger for pregnant moms. It is made with Nylon and spandex so it can helps to remove moisture away from your body during prenatal exercises. It is high waisted and with an elastic belly band to make it easy to cover your growing belly. It is one of the most amazing presents for pregnant friend and not for baby.

66.         Mama Sweatshirt

The Mymore women’s floral shirt is a sweatshirt top with pockets. It is lightweight and it comes with a leopard mama leters printed graphic. It is not too thick nor too thin. A perfect gift for pregnant woman suitable for use in Autumn, spring and winter. It is perfect for walks on cold summer nights when you feel like taking a walk.

67.         Home spa kit for pregnant women

The Home spa kit for women contains natural ingredients only such as sunflower seed and Vitamn E. The kit comprises of lavender scented shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, body lotion, and scented candle. The products helps to nourish and soften dry skin. It is packaged in a reusable tub. This is a perfect gift for pregnant women during Christmas, Valentine’s day, Birthday, anniversary, etc.

68.         Mama Nursing Bra

The Suekaphin nursing bra is a 5 pack wireless deep V neck maternity nursing bra. It is suitable for wearing during pregnancy or nursing after birth. It has wireless cup, adjustable straps, removable padding and a feeding clasp. It is one of the most perfect presents for pregnant friend and not for baby.

69.         Spa package for pregnant women

The spa package for pregnant women set includes thirteen (13) pieces of skincare products  for every day uses. It is a perfect gift for Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, New Baby, Anniversary and Mother’s day.

70.         Full body Bath Pillow

The full body bath pillow is an excellent pampering present for pregnant friend and not for the baby. It is a bath pillow that has mesh washing bag and 21 non-slip suction cups and spa bathtub pillow to support the head, neck, shoulder and the back. It is a soft pillow that provides support for the whole body, making you comfortable and relaxed as you take your bath.   Click on the image above to check it out. 

71.         Foot Spa Kit Spa Gifts for Women

Looking to pamper your pregnant friend? The foot spa kit spa gifts will make her feel pampered and loved. It is a special foot spa kit that contains natural ingredients to protect the health of your foot. The product include includes essential oil foot soak, bath epsom salts, foot lotion for foot soaking, and pedicure tools.

72.         Gift Card

Don’t want to stress yourself about what present to give your pregnant friend? Use the Amazon.com egift cards. All you need is to set the amount you want to give and select the designs and the date you want it to be delivered. Amazon gift card does not expire, can be used to purchase products on Amazon, and you can add a personal message to it.

73.         Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box for Expecting and First Time Moms

The Bump boxes 1st Trimester pregnancy gift box is a perfect gift for pregnant women. The package contains useful items that will help pregnant women relieve symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn and nausea that is common in the 1st trimester. The items in the box includes BPA free water bottle pearhead mommy belly stickers, sparkling mama fizzelixir, preggie pop drops, Organic bath bombs and more.

74.         Bump Boxes 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box for Expecting and First Time Moms

The bump boxes is specially formulated for the 2nd Trimester. It contains healthy products to help a pregnant mom feel relaxed and comfortable. The items include pearhead sonogram frame, glow 9 organics relax bath soak, sleep mask, Face it cloth and much more.

75.         Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box for Expecting and First Time Moms

This is the bump box for the third trimester. It contains organics balance foot soak,  inhale/exhale grip socks, sleeky hair wrap and headband, coconut eye treatment and wood massager. These items make a pregnant woman relaxed and at ease, eagerly waiting for the delivery day. It is one of the best pregnancy presents for friends and not for baby.


Above are special presents for pregnant friend and not for the baby. Go through it and select the best gift to congratulate your friend.

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