A Guide to Every Iconic Movie Reference in “Do Revenge”

Warning: Spoilers for Do Revenge ahead.

Grab your emotional support lizards because Do Revenge is one campy, twisty ride filled with ‘90s nostalgia, sick burns and — most importantly — payback. Spearheaded by Someone Great triple threat Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the Netflix film is teeming with iconic movie references ranging from Fatal Attraction to Clueless. Basically, it’s millennial bait for anyone who lived for butterfly clips, tartan minis, and feather pens.

In the stylish dark comedy that has all the makings of a Gen Z cult-classic, Do Revenge details the bond between fallen queen bee Drea (played by Camila Mendes) and awkward new student Eleanor (Stranger Things star Maya Hawke) and their quest to seek vengeance — the former for her ex-boyfriend leaking her sex tape and the latter for the summer camp crush that spread a nasty rumor that is haunting her. The result is a film that will have you rooting for them, against them, and quoting them for years to come.

With Do Revenge out today, September 16, we’ve compiled a complete guide to all of the iconic movie references scattered throughout the film — and there are many. Get ready to make “revenge mommy” your signature catchphrase.


Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone in Clueless; Alisha Boe and Camila Mendes in Do Revenge

Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection, Courtesy of Netflix

There is so much Clueless in this movie. Let’s start with the style — the bold pop of color and even Drea’s sheer shirt in the opening few scenes instantly recalls Cher’s failed driving test look in Clueless. There’s also the sea of tartan minis that recalls Cher and Dionne’s outfits, along with Valley Girl-esque vocal fry that’s replicated in Do Revenge.

On that note, every great ’90s movie has a memorable makeover scene, and Tai’s transformation from tomboy to chic in Clueless is paralleled in Do Revenge when Drea gives Eleanor a makeover. It’s especially apparent that the Clueless montage inspired this makeover moment when Drea pencils in Eleanor’s lipstick while her hair is twisted up in a towel.

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