Action Steps for Cravings (Replay and Notes)

Taking ACTION on your Cravings (Member Video Replay and Notes)


Capture cravings, Make associations, take action


Below is the recording from the Live Call #3 on October 19th, 2022. Helpful slides and notes are included below the video!




Summary Notes:

There is a page for notes in your workbook on page 26th. Our theme for this challenge is Cravings!

In week one, we defined cravings as “desiring a food outside of a planned meal time.”  Last week we discussed the idea that cravings are not just for food! Cravings can often tell us something that our body needs to feel more regulated.

Cravings for food might be a disguise. We may think we need food but when we pause and ask more questions, we may need water, sleep, relaxation or something else to truly feel more regulated and at peace.

During week one we focused on taking detailed notes in the moment of a craving to CAPTURE that moment. In week two we talked about reviewing those notes to ASSOCIATE what the craving is triggered by or what it’s really saying to us.

In this week’s video we are taking ACTION based on the associations we’ve made.



Many associations members reported have themes of feeling bored, tired and stressed. There were also reports that cravings decreased when they were hydrated and had filled up at their meals.

Now we take those associations and take some action.

If it’s cravings because we’re tired, we need to be understand WHY we are tired to better take action on the root craving of needing rest (or water or exercise).

In times of boredom, we need something to bring us pleasure to boost dopamine. Click here for the lesson on bored eating in the Emotional Eating course!

If i is cravings associated with stress, we need to use practical tools to bring stress down. Deep breathing, slow music, aromatherapy and even cold water to the face is shown to activate our “rest and digest” system to take use out of “fight or flight” from moments of stress. Here is the lesson on stress eating in the Emotional Eating course.

Next week (Thursday, Oct 27 at 7:30pm Central) we’ll start to decide if the action plan is working! Keep taking notes instead of making assumptions!


Steph 🙂

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