Adele Just Revealed We’ve All Been Saying Her Name Wrong

Adele is an absolute icon and someone we would always bow down to if we saw her IRL — so for us to learn that we have been pronouncing her name wrong all along has left us well and truly mortified.

We were confronted by this news when the superstar recently took part in a fan Q&A to promote the release of her I Drink Wine music video, where she answered questions from audience members and virtually from people at home.

One fan on screen, who held up a glass of wine to the camera, delightedly said: “Hi Adele (which she pronounced as uh-dele, not ah-dele), I’m Annie, and I’m from London. My question is: on your journey to self-love while writing 30, did your perspective on how you saw yourself when you wrote 25 change at all, and how?”

Before the 34-year-old singer could answer the question, she quickly praised the fan for pronouncing her name correctly. “Where’s she from, Enfield or something? Love that — she said my name perfectly,” Adele gushed.

The “Hello” hitmaker also went on to say that she prefers a slight lilt at the end of her name, so it’s pronounced as “uh-dehwl” which is more in line with her North London accent.

Honestly, mind blown!


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Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Q&A, Adele expressed plans to obtain an English literature degree after completing her Las Vegas residency.

“It’s something that, if I hadn’t made it in my singing, I think I would definitely be a teacher. I think I would be an English lit teacher,” she told the crowd. “After Vegas, I really want to get a degree in English literature. I definitely think I use my passion for English lit in what I do. I wish I’d gone to university and had that experience, but I will do it online with a tutor.”

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