Alt Pop Duo Good Rzn Debut Heartwarming Single “Thinking Of You” — Exclusive Audio

Los Angeles, CA — Los Angeles based singer songwriter duo Good Rzn warn and vintage alt pop single, “Thinking Of You” — streaming now on all major platforms. Stream “Thinking Of You” on Spotify, here.

LA’s very own alt pop duo, Good Rzn debut their latest single “Thinking Of You” now streaming everywhere. Drawing inspiration from the little things that reminds you of someone you love, “Thinking Of You” is a heartwarming single with themes of simplicity, love, and beauty.

“Thinking Of You” by Good Rzn reflects on the themes of beauty and simplicity throughout the track from the production to the vocals and lyricism. The acoustic guitar layered on top of the modern drum and 808 kit establishes a truly satisfying listening experience for the listener. The ethereal guitar mix combined with the trap production styles are what make Good Rzn one of our top picks of 2022 for new artists.

Good Rzn shares,

“We wanted the track to feel familiar in the same way that a person close to you does.”

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