An A1c Miracle While Eating 400g Carbs a Day! Aishwarya’s Story

From an A1c of 13.2 to an A1c of 5.8, and eating around 400g of carbs a day. To someone who was misdiagnosed with the incorrect form of diabetes twice, that already seems like a story of success. But the real beauty of Aishwarya’s transformation was rediscovering a love of food and fruit!

Read on to learn more about Aishwarya’s journey and her incredible success!

When Life Changes Quickly

As Aishwarya explains, when she was first diagnosed with diabetes, it felt like the world came crashing down. Being diagnosed first with type 2, then type 1.5 (LADA), then finally type 1 diabetes was a rollercoaster, and the end result of grappling with the idea of an ‘incurable’ metabolic disorder just didn’t sit right. 

Aishwarya was determined to get around this condition, so she began to research, and reach out to anyone who knew anything about diabetes. Unfortunately, as is common in the world of diabetes health, there were many more wrong answers than right ones, including people who promised her they could reverse type 1 diabetes and “get the disorder out of her system.”

Today, Aishwarya looks back and explains that at one point the determination to succeed had turned into denial about the truth of type 1 diabetes, so she started to shift her perspective to living a better life with type 1 diabetes. 

So it was a strange coincidence – spotting a funny, yet insightful meme about diabetes that had tagged Mastering Diabetes – that piqued Aishwarya’s interest.

Possibilities She’d Thought Were Impossible

Aishwarya discovered Mastering Diabetes early on in 2019, which came at the right time. She’d always loved fruit, and following the recommendations of some supposed diabetes “experts”, she had avoided them entirely for months.

But then she stumbled upon the Mastering Diabetes community and found people talking about food, having such a good time, and eating as many fruits, vegetables and plants as they wanted. 

It was a game-changer for Aishwarya. After so many different tries, she found this example. 

A New Perspective on Progress

Now, obviously, this change didn’t reverse Aishwarya’s type 1 diabetes (to this date, researchers have not yet discovered a cure for type 1 diabetes). But what it did change was Aishwarya’s perspective.

It had used to pain her to make food, and she had felt the process was just a waste of time. After all, when everything you eat seems to be ‘wrong’ or worsen your health, it makes sense to dread the arrival of mealtime! 

But the excitement of other members of the Mastering Diabetes community was different. These were people who were excited about food and shared ideas with what struck Aishwarya as almost childlike joy and enthusiasm. 

“They were so excited about food, like kids, and we should be that way! We should be happy to be eating it!”

Aishwarya quickly ordered the Mastering Diabetes book, gifted a few to her friends, and began her journey. 

Using Food as Medicine

As Aishwarya tells it, she primarily got into the Mastering Diabetes community because she wanted a way to eat fruit again. Her previous diet was low-carb with plenty of emphasis on weight, but there were other problems on her mind too. She had lost a bunch of weight she couldn’t afford to lose, and wasn’t feeling good. 

But as she saw the success stories of others, and started to learn more about the Mastering Diabetes method, she started to see that food wasn’t just something she had to game her way to enjoy – it was actually the most powerful medicine for diabetes. 

Realizing that her diet wasn’t just a way to sneak in some fruits, and was instead a powerful way to improve her health was a big deal for Aishwarya. She wasn’t perfect when she cooked and admits that even now she occasionally has oil, or butter every two weeks or so, but having the Mastering Diabetes method to come back to was a game-changer. 

When it comes to cooking, Aishwarya jokes that the Mastering Diabetes book is her bible, and she checks back to it a ton. And she knows that even if she has a night out, or indulges in some of her family’s home cooking (which, as she explains, can be a hard task!), she’s got clarity and understanding of how to get back on track.

And Watching It Work!

Aishwarya’s first goal was to put on some healthy weight. Before she’d resorted to oils, butter ghee, dairy, eggs, and other high-caloric-density foods, but now she relied on plants and whole foods. And in time she had gained 4 kilos of healthy weight! She’s still aiming for more but feels confident that she can do so. 

And some of Aishwarya’s other accomplishments have been equally impressive. Aishwarya started with a 13.2% A1c at the very beginning of her journey, and though she had gotten down to 6.4% at various points, eating the right way saw Aishwarya effortlessly down to a 5.8% A1c. 

In fact, Aishwarya was so caught off guard that she called the lab to make sure her results were correct. They were, and it was time for celebration, but that wasn’t all the progress she started to notice.

The Fasting Blood Glucose Difference

Fasting blood glucose wasn’t an issue for Aishwarya at first, and she usually hovered at 80-85 mg/dL. But within 6 months of just injecting basal insulin, her BG numbers were regularly up to 140-150mg/dL. 

“It’s a time a lot of people say is supposed to be the honeymoon phase, but for me, it was just uncertain and traumatic. And that makes it even worse!”

She did look at stories of people in the greater diabetes community, some of whom reported blood glucose levels up over 200, and felt confused. She was doing better than many, but she felt tired, with soreness in her toes and legs, and it was hard to get out of bed. 

But after just a few weeks with the Mastering Diabetes method, she’d actually overshot her targets and started to see BG numbers around 60mg/dL, which is actually hypoglycemia. A few adjustments to her diet and insulin injections were all it took to get back to an average between 80 and 95 mg/dL, and now she feels like she’s crushing it!

Getting Her Life Back

Improving her numbers wasn’t all that made Aishwarya feel like her life was turning around. Aishwarya is an actress, and at one she felt like she had to take a break from work because she barely felt like getting out of bed. 

It was painful to constantly say no to work, and there was a point where clients eventually stopped calling entirely. That was a low point for her and learning how to eat right and understand her body was transformative. 

Now, Aishwarya knows how to read the signals from her body, and knows better how to give her body what it needs. Some comfort foods – pizza, a big chunk of bread – don’t seem quite so attractive, and she craves other foods, the whole foods that have helped her clear her brain fog, think more clearly, and enjoy her life. 

Add in other strategies that Aishwarya has learned, like getting out in the sun more often, or adding medium-paced exercise, and it’s been a recipe for success. 

Positive Changes and An Optimistic Outlook

What’s helped things stick for Aishwarya has been her connection to the purpose and goals of Mastering Diabetes. 

“In the start, Robby reached out and chatted with me. He answered all of my questions and really made an effort. It made me realize this book and this program were written with the right intentions. They’re not just here to make money, they care about the overall health of people. Once we get to the post-Super-Covid world, I definitely want to attend a retreat!”

And looking at where she’s at right now – eating 300-400g of carbohydrates per day, remaining consistent in her insulin use, and feeling healthier than before, it makes sense! 

But what Aishwarya really celebrates is the fact that she doesn’t feel paranoid anymore. She knows what will help her body, she knows what will make it feel sub-optimal, and that peace of mind makes all the difference in the world. 

Thanks to Aishwarya for taking the time to chat with us!

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