Andrew Odd “Discoveries” (2015)


Seeking out more cosmic Pysbient by Andrew Odd, his earlier Discoveries ventures close. Downtempo beats are stripped out, pacing set in rarity by rumbles of deep bass and jolting sequenced synths. My favorite track is the one exception. Unknown Phenomenon builds steadily, the reverb soaked snare and complimenting thump of the bass kick amp up intentions. It lingers on this trajectory for some time before unleashing a gratifying closing astral melody. This is the craft I was seeking.

The rest of the records dealing in shades of spacey ambience brought about by combinations of dense electronic strings, murmuring bass noise and lofty, airy synths. These songs most circle their own tensions, drifting from resolution and lingering in the peculiar spaces as ambiguous textures and halfway tunes assert themselves.

The most remarkable of which is Leaving, the opening track. Its perpetual sense of abstract existence is bestowed by a cloudy organ synth tone. It holds an odd tension of possibility beyond what we know. Presiding through its entirety, encounters with grandiose string sections feel significant and momentous, as if observing first contact from a distance. Its distinct and special, the rest of the record offering more temporal solitude but never quite escaping to the extraordinary. A fair set of ambiences.

Rating: 6/10

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