Anetha and Mac Declos team up for hard-hitting LP ‘Hard work always pays off’

French producers and DJs Anetha and Mac Declos have teamed up to release this week the high-energy LP ‘Hard work always pays off”.

Available via Anetha’s Mama told ya – an imprint focused on the concept of experimenting, sharing and collaboration as a creative engine – it is packed with 10 massive tracks from Declos and is formed of two vinyls.

There’s an original collaboration between labelhead Anetha and Declos to boot, cementing the record as yet another innovative release in the Mama told ya discography thus far.

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This release marks a key point for Declos – this is his first ever album release, as he tells Mixmag: “Really happy and super excited to have the opportunity to release my first album on Mama Told ya as it has always been one of my favourite labels. Regarding the release, I built the album with the strong desire to experiment through different styles I cherish. I also explored working on voices; all the voices used are mine. Truly, this album tells who I am, whether this is about production or a DJ set.”

Anetha was also keen to pay tribute to the formation of the duo’s collaborative track, ‘Push Push’: “Our collab track is a good mix of our two universes, mixing trance & techno, with a metal synth and FX effects,” she explains. “Really happy with this release that has a good taste of today’s techno. Fast, fresh & thrilling.”

Mama told ya tends to share a message of intent behind each release, too, with this edition mirroring Anetha’s description of the release. “With MTY007,” reads the record promotion, “Mama teaches us again one valuable lesson: in life, there is only one path, and it’s a sweaty one. Bring your towel!”

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Anetha launched the imprint in 2019, seeking to push boundaries and offer a voice to emerging artists. Since its birth, it has released over 70 high-energy tracks through eight individual releases.

2020 saw the producer and DJ launch Mama loves ya: an agency-like family which helps aforementioned upcoming artists to grow and focus on not only their music, but sustainability whilst navigating their career. As the name implies, it is intended to stand as a parental figure offering guidance and advice to those who feel they need it.

‘Hard work always pays off’ is available now – get your vinyl copy here, or check it out digitally here.

Niamh Ingram is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor, follow her on Twitter

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