Angela Simmons Completely Stole the Show at Miami Swim Week

“It is an honor to once again be invited by the organizers of Miami Swim Week to actively participate in this year’s fashion shows,” Matte Collection founder Justina McKee said in a press release. “Each year, the entire fashion industry eagerly turns its eyes toward Miami Beach to see the latest styles and trends in contemporary swimwear and beachwear.” 

Swim week has become a staple season focused on pushing for actual diversity on the runway. Shows across the board feature plus-size, sample, and mid-size models to walk their stage, which further helps highlight the narrative that all bodies are beach bodies. Matte Collection, founded in 2017, is amongst the brands that have been consistently spotlighting all types of bodies.

Joining Simmons on the runway were Miami native and rapper JT, of the hip-hop duo City Girls, content creator Achieng Agutu, and influencer Ari Fletcher. After the show, Simmons followed suit with her push for body positivity and shared on Instagram the unedited photos from the show, showing off that without edits, she can still feel confident. We love to see it.

Check out more shots from the show below:

Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion

Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion

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