APACALDA and the haunting dark reflections of ‘Male Gaze’


“I see you looking at me / And I want you to leave / You tell me I’m pretty / And you want me to be for you / I’ll live I’ll die for you / I don’t want to be for you / For you…”

There is an immediate air of mystery and even coarse cuts of horror within the gothic noir tones of ‘Male Gaze’ by APACALDA, the musical name of Montreal based singer-songwriter Cassandra Angheluta. While I am feeling the darkness, there are shapes, moments filled with an ethereal beauty that, at least, suggests expansive rising sprinkles of hope but maybe tenuous hope. 

As press notes reveal: […the song “Male Gaze” was fueled by a passionate resentment. As women, a great majority of our existence has been to accommodate or be appealing, appeasing, and submissive to men. APACALDA’s intention with this single is to evoke a deliberate introspection into our own accountability of how we propagate the current “gaze” imposed on femme/women and the emerging ramifications.] 

The candid heaviness of here and as in APACALDA’s self titled debut EP (set to drop on Oct 14th) was written and inspired by true events in her life. ‘Male Gaze’ eclipsed with strength and sadness does have a sense of dreamy bloodletting, of dark reflections for all of us to see ourselves in.  

-Robb Donker Curtius   






APACALDA is the name of singer/songwriter Cassandra Angheluta, a Montreal based artist.

APACALDA, meaning “warm water” in her mother tongue, Romanian, is a reflection of Cassandra’s means of movement through her art and life. A reminder to reconnect to the warm water that can calm and ground you, despite the chaos and unpredictability of outside circumstances.

Creating music has been a means of alchemising her residual emotional traumas from past and present experiences through the one medium that brings any resolve within her. She showcases a unique complexity between the realms of feeling and sound.

Melancholic, dreamy, enigmatic and hauntingly beautiful, APACALDA is creating her own immersive world with a refreshed approach to indie, electronic POP meets dream wave sounds.

Set to release her debut self-titled EP in fall 2022.

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