Astral Gray and the psychedelic wonder of


“you’re lonelier here with me than you and your own…” 

There is something grand and mystical about “Kindred Spirits” by the tripped out Astral Gray, the musical moniker of Brighton (ENG) based Graham Anthony Nunn. With the Farfisa-esque organ shapes, the potent bass and drums dance that push a waltz cadence, the 60’s guitar sound that suggests a semi hollow vox teardrop (in my fertile imagination) and Graham’s vocal countenance that floats somewhere between Donovan and Syd Barrett, you get the top hat sense that a psychedelic traveling show has rolled into town with a small troop of circus performers in tow. I imagine that the comely trapeze act are the background singers in this equation. 

As I sway to the sounds I could not tell you exactly what the song is about but I might guess that it is about how we all force ourselves to stay in romantic or any situation that are just not working on a deep level. AND maybe we have to listen to fate to bring us to a place that we all fit.

In the end, Astral Gray pushes sounds that feel dressed in purple velvet and chiffon with the smell of Patchouli oil.

-Robb Donker Curtius


What started as the bedroom-based endeavor of Brighton musician Graham Anthony Nunn, Astral Gray has swiftly become a fully-fledged project in its own right. Through Making Bedroom/indie rock/pop promoting mysticism and an uplifting sound.

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