ATLiens – Space Cathedral (EP) – By The Wavs

ATLiens release their new concept EP, “Space Cathedral,” out now via Bassrush.

The EP consists of five tracks, including their latest collaboration “Purgatory” with SVDDEN DEATH. Space Cathedral follows directly after the events of their 2019 Ghost Planet EP, which followed a group of astronauts embarking on a dangerous mission.

ATLiens told us “With Space Cathedral, we find ourselves picking up right where the Ghost Planet EP left off. Astronaut 001 awakens to see that the once beautiful planet is now nothing but a post-apocalyptic wasteland under a crimson sky. Everything that was once known is now destroyed but in the distance lies something new – an eerie cathedral now stands amongst the destroyed and barren planet. Join Astronaut 001 as they now embark once again on a journey to find out what answers and secrets are held within the walls of the Space Cathedral.”

Enjoy it below.

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