Bariatric Supplies – Cyber Monday Deals – BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services

It’s Cyber Monday and Amazon has some really great deals available…We wanted to share some of our favorite Weight Loss Surgery products that you may find to be helpful, either for after your surgery or presently if you are already a patient. Disclosure: As a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, some of … Read more

Long Covid: the patient who’s made an app to track symptoms

When Harry Leeming developed symptoms of long Covid, he found the lack of understanding of the condition alarming. “They became so severe that I went to A&E and I was turned away, being told that I had anxiety or that it was deconditioning,” he said. “It’s been very frustrating to not be taken seriously as … Read more

Where to buy diabetic socks

Persons with diabetes experience foot issues more frequently than people without the disease. This is due to the possibility of blood vessel damage in your legs and feet, which among other diabetes consequences, can disrupt circulation, encourage edema, and raise your risk for infection.   Education, self-care/self-monitoring of feet, appropriate skin and nail care, professional … Read more

Diet and Exercise? Some Clinicians Don’t Have Time to Cover Them: The Healthcare Satisfaction Survey

Diabetes touches nearly every aspect of life. It’s been said that type 1 diabetes impacts well over a hundred decisions per day, and type 2 diabetes can be just as all-consuming, especially for those that use insulin. Many members of our community divide their lives in two — before and after their diagnosis — because … Read more

San Bernardino deputies kill man in ‘catfish’ incident that left 3 dead

San Bernardino deputies kill man in catfish incident that left 3 dead

Austin Lee Edwards, 28, was killed in a shootout with police after police believe he killed the grandparents and daughter of a teen he met in a “catfish” incident. Photo courtesy of San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Nov. 28 (UPI) — San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies killed a former Virginia state law enforcement officer in what … Read more

China isn’t ready to abandon zero-Covid – whether or not protests continue | Devi Sridhar

Protesters across China have made one thing very clear: after three years of harsh restrictions, many people are tired of their government’s pursuit of an increasingly ineffective zero-Covid strategy. China once celebrated its success in containing outbreaks and keeping its economy running, but it has been slow to adapt to a world of more infective … Read more

Worst Medical Flaws: Misdiagnosed Depression in Adolescents

Over-Treatment Misdiagnosed depression is more common than you might think. Not only, but also many conditions have similar symptoms of depression, such as issues sleeping, sluggishness, and fatigue. So, this unfortunate situation is not all that surprising if you think about it. The problem is that this false diagnosis means that the depression is not … Read more

Which Exercises Work Best for Blood Sugar Management? We Asked Our Community

We all know exercise is good for our health, but it can also have a big impact on our blood sugars, for better or for worse. Different exercises have different effects on blood sugar levels — some drive it up, and others cause it to go plummeting down. Sometimes these effects are pretty predictable, but … Read more