Back to School Easy Meal Prep Ideas


The registered dietitian team at New Jersey Bariatric Center are big on planning ahead, especially when it comes to hectic schedules that can mess with even the healthiest of food intentions. Here are some great make-ahead options that can be quickly reheated when you walk in the door from work, school, activities or wherever your day takes you. 



  1. Egg Muffins or Crustless Quiche – These are some of our favorite recipes that we created for using  leftover protein and veggies. For a snack anytime of day or for a meal, mix with eggs and your favorite type of dairy or non-dairy milk.
  2. A Salad Kit and Rotisserie Chicken – These are 2 of my go-to items on a busy sports day. In less time than it would take to order and serve takeout, you can have a healthy meal you’ll feel great about eating. Choose a salad kit from your grocery store or online retailer that has mostly greens and a few nuts, seeds or dried fruit and toss with any other leftover veggies you might have on hand. Top with some chicken and a few slices of avocado and enjoy.
  3. Fiesta Chicken  – If you have a slow cooker, set it in the morning and you’ll have a healthy meal packed with protein, fiber and flavor waiting when you get home. This recipe takes just minutes to prepare and uses lots of pantry and frozen ingredients to keep things simple. It’s family friendly, too!
  4. Low-Carb Lasagna – This is a great dish to prepare on the weekend and bake or reheat for a comfort food dinner that tastes too good to be healthy. Capello’s lasagna noodles made from almond flour are my go-to for this dish, but you can experiment with other options like Palmini, hearts of palm based pasta, or thinly sliced zucchini. For more healthy options  use lean ground beef or turkey and part-skim cheese. Add extra veggies to your meat or sauce for even more fiber and nutrition.
  5. Turkey Veggie Skillet – Slice a few veggies (or better yet, keep pre-sliced veggies in the fridge ready to go) and you’re ready to cook this light and flavorful dish that’s on the table in under 20 minutes. It can be served over salad, rice or cauliflower rice and can be adapted to use up whatever veggies you have on hand.

Armed with these ideas, you’re ready to tackle the back-to-school hustle without losing track of your healthy eating goals.

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