Basmati Rice. How to Cook Perfect Basmati Rice

A complete guide to cooking basmati rice, the long-grain and aromatic Indian rice that makes rice dishes like biryani, pulao and tehri even more delicious. Learn how to cook basmati in a saucepan, in the Instant Pot and in the microwave, and the exact rice to water ratios that will yield fluffy, aromatic, slender grains of rice. We’ll also cover how to cook rice without soaking, after a simple rinse, and after soaking for 30 minutes. Be sure to pin this article or bookmark it for future reference!

Long grains of cooked basmati rice in black and white bowl with spoon.

Whether you are a seasoned cook who sometimes struggles with sticky basmati rice that clumps together, or a newbie just learning to cook, you can rest assured you will be making perfect rice each and every time with the tips and tricks we have for you today.

Basmati has long been a prized rice in India, with a name that, in Sanskrit, aptly means “filled with fragrance.” Learning to cook the perfect pot of basmati rice can put you in control when it comes to turning out rice dishes like biryani and pulao. Basmati, served on its own and without any additions, also makes a great side dish with dals, stews and curries.

Like wine, basmati gets better with age. Aging improves the aroma of the rice and it also helps dry the rice fully, which keeps grains separate and fluffy when they cook.

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