Becky G Opened Up About the “OG BG” Look That Makes Her Cringe

Since bursting into the scene over a decade ago, Becky G has come a long way — and so has her fashion sense. To accompany her Teen Vogue September cover story, the Mexican-American superstar sat down with us for her own Fan Survey video and took the chance to take a walk down (sartorial) memory lane.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Becky G’s style for a while, you’d know she started from the ground up. That means she has also encountered some bumps in the road to finding her style, which most of us can definitely relate to. At the beginning of her career, Becky self-styled herself for most of her projects, and, of course, there are some choices she looks back on with a dose of skepticism.

Reviewing some of her looks from her early days on stage, the singer couldn’t help but cringe at some of her style choices — namely a pair of bejeweled Timberland boots that she customized herself for a red carpet event. “I think I have a lot of not favorites [self-styled looks],” the singer prefaced the segment. “Let’s not remember this one, let’s keep it moving. I thought to customize some Timbs was going to be the most genius idea and it wasn’t.” (Hey, you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet!)

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The “Sin Pijama” singer explained that some of her stage outfits back then, which she described as having “sporty girl vibes,” were due to the fact that she wanted to be comfortable on stage. “Sporty girl vibes all day. I was all about it – which, you know, not much has changed but now we throw some shoulder pads in there,” she quipped.

Of course, with the help of her stylist Morgan Pinney, who has also styled Victoria Monet and Machine Gun Kelly, the singer’s style has evolved and now she is turning heads with her sartorial choices. Whether she’s turning up the heat with thigh slits or opting for bold color choices, we are always excited to see how Becky G will dazzle us. Case in point: her appearances at New York Fashion Week this season.

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