Becky G Was Once a Superstar With No Healthcare

But I might have one. A couple of hours into our meal, when I get the sense that I’ve earned her confidence, I lob an abstract query Becky’s way, half-expecting a canned response. With everything she has accomplished in the last decade, has her definition of success changed? “Absolutely,” she says, taking a sip of club soda. “When I wake up in the morning, [that’s success.] There’s success in getting home safely.”

It’s now that I notice her eyes have begun to water, but she doesn’t let a teardrop fall. “Last night, I lost a really good friend,” she begins. “We’ve had many conversations of what this day might feel like, because of his medical condition, and it hurts more than I could have ever imagined. His heart was too big for this place. Literally, physically, his heart was just too big. He impacted so many people.” She pauses. “I’ve hit such lows that there [were] times I thought, This [place] could be better without me. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve accomplished, or how successful people perceive you to be. To be here is enough to celebrate.”

She’s speaking slower now, softer, no longer a pop star but a woman grieving. “The fact that we celebrate no sleep and resiliency, it’s important that we reflect on it. Let’s start understanding that it’s productive to recover, rest, and heal. Life’s a lot sometimes… but life’s just getting started.” For her, it always is. But don’t mistake it for passivity.

“I identify more with my community than my class. I identify more with the fact that I’m a daughter and a sister, and a granddaughter than I do a pop star. It’s hard. I see myself in the mirror like everyone else in the morning. Brush my teeth like everyone else in the morning. At least, I hope they brush their teeth,” she laughs. “I’m a student of life, man. I may have 10-plus years under my belt of being in this industry, but one of my favorite quotes is, ‘If it’s not growing, it’s death.’”

Therein lies the multiplicity of Becky G: she’s insatiably curious and driven, a woman who has been working most of her life. She’s struggled and she’s experienced incredible success. She’s been minimized and glorified. She’s been subjected to systems of inequality and she’s built businesses independent of that. But most importantly of all, she’s existed as an artist, championing a multicultural and four-dimensional approach to superstardom. It’s why, when you ask her, “What’s next?” She’ll respond, “A new genre to take over, a new product to drop,” laugh, and she’ll add an existential thought instead of mentioning tour dates with Latin-pop legends like Reik or teasing her upcoming single “Amantes,” a collaboration with Daviles de Novelda: “I’m leaving room for spontaneity. I’m starting to really enjoy not knowing because that’s how I can get inspired by life again.”

What she does know is that the work continues and the growth continues. “The true artist at heart knows that I want to keep going. I want to keep learning. I’m that little sponge that just loves to absorb anything that I can, understanding the meaning and the why of something.” She pauses. “And so, I’m excited for what’s to come because I know that the opportunities can be made into something even more beautiful. It’s humbling as hell.”

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