Best Medical Compression Stockings for Women

Compression stockings improve your blood flow. They can lessen pain and swelling in your legs. They can also reduce your chances of getting (DVT), a type of blood clot, and other circulation problems. 

This is why people wear compression stockings — generally for comfort, to do sports better, and to help prevent severe medical conditions.

How do compression stockings work? 

Your veins may require a little assistance to return blood from your legs to your heart. Typically, the calf muscle serves as a tiny pump to provide this assistance. Muscle contractions during walking and other movements assist in keeping the blood flowing up toward the heart.

Young, healthy kids, especially those with trouble remaining still for longer than 10 minutes, usually have no problem getting their calf muscles to work. This is not the case for adults because most spend their days sitting down, and their calf muscles cannot work correctly.

By wearing compression socks and stockings, the veins in your legs receive some external pressure. Gently squeezing the leg helps to move blood up the leg, stop fluid retention that could result in swelling, and can be beneficial in several other ways. Compression socks put pressure on your legs, which helps your veins’ valves successfully keep blood flowing to your heart.

When these valves are in good working order, they can stop blood from pooling, especially in the leg area, and they can also stop edema or swelling brought on by too much fluid being trapped in your body’s tissues. Both assisting blood flow to the heart and preventing blood from refluxing into the feet or superficial veins are things they can achieve. They can also aid in reducing the diameter of large veins.

Why do women wear compression stockings?

  • Women who have circulation issues, including DVT, varicose veins, or diabetes, or who are at risk for developing them

Compression stockings not only improve blood flow but also lessen edema and discomfort. In particular, doctors advise them to stop blood from collecting and clotting. DVT, for example, can reoccur after treatment; however, wearing these stockings will lessen the chance of recurrence.

  • Women who recently underwent surgery

Your doctor might advise wearing compression stockings after surgery to speed up your recovery if you have a significant procedure, mainly if it involves your lower leg. Graduated compression stockings provide post-surgery patients with four distinct advantages, from lowering edema to preventing DVT. As a result, wearing compression socks can make things easier and encourage a faster and safer recovery.

  • Women who stand or sit all day at work

Luckily, by avoiding fluid buildup, compression socks and stockings can minimize edema in your lower body. For instance, one study emphasized those who had to stand all day at work. According to this study, employees who wore compression socks experienced reduced pain and edema even after long shifts. Researchers strongly advised compression socks for those who worked 12-hour shifts without the option to sit down.

A blood clot that forms and becomes loose has the potential to go up and become trapped in the lungs, which can be fatal. Compression stockings are used by athletes and physically active people to enhance circulation, performance, and recovery.

Leg cramps, which can be accompanied by edema, a disease characterized by swelling and pain in the feet, are one of the frequent issues pregnant women encounter. It makes sense to purchase a pair of maternity compression stockings if there are swelling and varicose veins in addition to the swelling. Blood can travel up and massage the muscles in compression stockings, which helps reduce edema and cramping in the lower limbs. Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is another issue they can deal with for expectant mothers because it can result in life-threatening complications if left untreated. Your gynecologist might advise compression stockings for you if you have a high risk of developing this condition.

How long should I wear my compression stockings at night and throughout the day?

Medical compression stockings are worn continuously throughout the day, from morning to night. This is particularly the case for patients who have spent their entire lives wearing prescribed socks and stockings due to venous conditions such as lymphoedema, lipoedema, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). This, together with washing your foot garments every day, leads to the improvement of the therapy.

However, it is advised to take off your medical compression stockings before going to bed. When lying down, your lymphatic and venous systems are not working against gravity. This makes lymphatic and blood drainage easier.

Best Medical Compression Stockings for Women

The two types of compression stockings most commonly available are thigh-high and knee-high.

Even if there are barely any distinctions between the two, knee-high stockings are more comfortable and simpler to wear. Stockings can be selected from a range of compression levels, from light to more severe, depending on the seriousness of the issue. The compression levels of different stockings are expressed in millimeters of mercury, or mmHg for short. The higher the mmHg, the higher the compression.

Numerous brands on the market provide various styles and sizes of compression stockings. Here are some brands that could provide the comfort you require.

Jobst UlcerCARE Stocking and Liner 

For over 65 years, Jobst has offered their best service, being one of the oldest makers of medical products used in the treatment and management of varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous leg ulcers, lymphedema, and lipedema. Their JOBST UlcerCARE medical compression apparel supports an active daily life while managing and healing venous leg ulcers. It delivers a 40-mmHg graduated compression with a high stiffness factor for efficient compression.

More comfort is offered by its automatically formed heel and toe lining. It is simple to put on the outer stocking thanks to the silky-soft JOBST UlcerCare Liner. It can be worn for up to 24 hours a day, offering non-ambulatory patients modest compression and assisting in keeping a wound dressing in place while in bed. Outstanding comfort is provided by the breathable cloth and integrated heel and toe.

The JOBST UlcerCare Liner is worn over this JOBST UlcerCare Stocking, which is offered in beige or black with or without a zipper. The slight friction on the lining of this knee-length compression stocking makes it simple to slide through. It includes a zipper specifically created to make changing your wound dressings easier, enabling excellent personal hygiene and better self-management. It also features an upgraded locking mechanism to keep the zipper from opening. Additionally, they take pride in their exclusive SoftFit technology, which features knitted-in silicone yarns in the inner knee area. These yarns are pleasant to the touch and offer improved comfort while maintaining style.

Mediven Women’s Compression Stockings by Medi

Since 1982, Medi has been manufacturing medical aids for a wide range of conditions and situations on the US market. It develops its goods utilizing exclusively German designs. The mediven Ready to Wear category is where you can find their selection of compression stockings. Due to their outstanding edema containment and static and dynamic stiffness features, their Mediven Women’s Compression Stockings perfectly fit the needs of patients. These stockings are developed to provide the most appropriate treatment for moderate to severe vein disease.

It offers exceptional softness while controlling moisture. Their SilverPlus technology stops bacteria on the stocking’s surface from growing. These compression stockings also have original open-toe and closed-toe designs. The Clima-Comfort technology in the semi-transparent class of Mediven Comfort Stockings provides greater comfort by releasing moisture to control body temperature. The ClimaFresh technology stops the formation of bacteria and eliminates odors. Therefore, ensure the most incredible treatment results possible.

Therafirm Maternity Support Sheer Pantyhose

TheraFirm provides medical support for a variety of people in a variety of circumstances. Whether you’re a long-distance traveler looking to prevent DVT, a parent of a child with seam sensitivity, an athlete looking to improve endurance, a pregnant mother with tired and achy legs, or any other of these people, they have high-quality products made to help you achieve your goals, alleviate your symptoms, and live your best life.

Therafirm Maternity Support Sheer Pantyhose is made exclusively for pregnant women. It applies pressure in a controlled manner, making the experience more comfortable. What gives the pantyhose an extra-soft feel is their plush, knit waistband. The proprietary Micro-Cool technology produces the wicking effect. As soon as skin moisture evaporates, you become colder and more comfortable. For a gentler feel, TheraFirm products are created with nylon and Lycra fibers free of latex. Your legs will not only look fantastic in flattering fabrics that go well with any attire, but they will also feel energized.

SB SOX Compression Socks for Women

SB Sox created solutions to ease the common discomfort experienced by women. Through the use of graduated compression garments, they claimed that their goods improved blood circulation. These items promote blood flow through the legs, offering support and reducing swelling. The muscles can be stabilized by using their products, too. Their socks minimize the number of muscle vibrations that result in tiredness, shin splints, calf cramps, and plantar fasciitis. By targeting ankle, arch, and leg compression, SB Sox products also aid in lowering discomfort and swelling while supporting joints and muscles.

SB SOX Compression Socks for Women provide graded compression of 20–30 mmHg to improve blood flow while reducing fatigue, edema, and leg pain. A necessity for any woman in need! You can wear these socks all day because they are also very cozy, lightweight, and breathable. You don’t have to be concerned about injuries and blisters because your feet are well-protected, thanks to the reinforced/cushioned heel and toe support.

Charmking Copper Compression Stockings for Women

Charmking wants to provide you with the triple benefits by fusing fashion, technology, and science. Their socks are appropriate for all jobs, whether you are an athlete, educator, flight crew member, receptionist, office worker, pregnant mother, loving mother, or senior citizen. They created their product to encourage oxygen and blood flow, which prevents fatigue and aids in muscle healing.

The amount of nylon in Charmking Copper Compression Stockings for Women has increased from 40% to 85%. They stretch in all directions for increased flexibility and toughness. The high-performance and breathable fabric maintains the ideal temperature. These stockings offer the highest support, comfort, and relaxation without limiting your mobility. Additionally, their breathable, light, and form-fitting fabrics maintain stability despite exercise. These stockings are among the best gift suggestions for ladies, athletes, and runners — or anyone who spends all day on their feet.

DSC Women’s Over The Calf Compression Stocking 

One of the best new brands on the market for American-made goods of high quality is Diabetic Sock Club. They manufacture all of their diabetic socks here in the United States as part of their aim to preserve American values. For those who need it, their items are guaranteed to be of the best standard. To reduce discomfort and swell in the ankle, foot, and calf muscles, their socks, and stockings apply focused compression to the legs, calves, and ankles.

DSC Women’s Over The Calf Compression Stocking are made with the finest grade and breathable fabric of 84% nylon and 16% spandex. These materials also help stop blistering due to moisture. Their stockings are ergonomically designed to prevent the top band from rolling or pinching. Therefore, DSC Women’s Over The Calf Compression Stocking are an excellent solution for pregnant women, athletes, and ladies who stand or sit all day to help their sore feet and legs.

Your doctor will prescribe the appropriate type of stockings according to the severity. The most popular kind of stocking is gradient. Unless expressly advised by a doctor, using compression stockings while sleeping at night is not recommended.

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