Best Nerf Rival Guns: Sharon’s 2022 Review

If you’re excited about teaming up with your gunfighting partners any time soon, consider the Nerf Rival guns series. These toys offer your children hours of fun! Nerf guns have been around since I was little, so it was always fun playing with my 4 kids around in the basement.

The best Nerf Rival guns in the market come in multiple color schemes, making the team-fighting more meaningful and exhilarating at the same time. Furthermore, the Rival has become one of the most loved blasters series to Nerf gunfighters like you. 

The best part of this series is its outdoor range. While you can play with Nerf Rivals with your siblings inside your house, the outdoor gunfights will be more appealing. 

Let’s dive into knowing more about Nerf Rival guns’ functions, modifications, and safety features, as we’ve covered this vital information in this helpful article. 

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Youngsters fancy any exciting outdoor toys like remote-controlled cars or airplanes, finger rockets, bubble guns, etc.

In many cases, it’s the young users who make the toys more popular and well-received than the toys themselves. And something similar has been done in the case of the Nerf Rival guns series as well. 

We’re not saying the craving and craziness about the Nerf Rival series are exaggerated. Rather, the Rival’s potent features have blown the young gun fighters’ minds for sure. 

Moreover, when expert and skilled users get their hands and fingers on the best Rival guns, they become all-around action-packed blasters. 

However, speaking of its popular features throughout the series, the Rival has the following enthralling point-ups: 

  • Rival series guns come in various colors, sizes, and weights; making them suitable for teens and adults as per their needs. 
  • Rival guns can shoot 15-36 rounds per second, depending on various gun types. 
  • Most of the Rival guns are modifiable as per necessity, including batteries, springs, internal blasters, etc. 
  • Nerf Rival guns offer age recommendations (14 or above) and safety measures, relieving the parents of the risk of injuries. 
  • Rival guns offer various priming options, such as accelerated or pumping handles. 

So, these are the features that have made the Nerf Rival guns so acceptable to kids, adults, and parents equally, hence increasing popularity. 

Summary of Choices

How Do Nerf Rival Guns work?

Actually, the Rival series guns offer you versatile functions to make a deep impact in your different Rival war zones.  

For instance, the Spring Action Blaster rival guns work by the special spring regulation. This makes the Rival guns’ action more fierce and gripping. 

Then there are semi-automatic guns. When you’re firing with a semi-automatic Rival blaster, you must press air into the pressure chamber, making the ball reach the flywheel. And as you pull the trigger, your blaster is ready to blow your opponent with the balls. 

When it comes to full automated guns, there’s no need to cock or pump your Rival blaster. It’s just a ‘trigger to fire.’ Hence, most players love them as they’re more intimidating to their opponents on the battlegrounds. 

So, these are the functions that will give you an idea of how the Rival guns work. However, these aren’t all; the series contains a range of versatile gun types and styles, offering further functionalities and fun. 

Nerf Rival Guns Modification System

Yes, you can modify (mod) a few of the options of Rival guns. Although most Rival guns come with high-functioning mechanisms, some slight modifications can make your war experience with your partners even more compelling. 

Don’t bother finding your own tools and accessories since the Rival series provide their kits to ease your modification job. 

So, what are the modifications you can do with your Rival guns?

First, we’ll talk about spring. You can change the spring of your gun. The reason you may want to modify the spring is to get a better range at your play zone enemies. For instance, you can replace the Kronos spring with a Worker 18 KG silver spring for an upgrade of the gun’s mechanism. 

After spring, you may be worried about upgrading the rounds magazine. However, you can replace a 12-round magazine with a Nerf Rival 7 Round magazine.

Speaking of further modding, you may consider modifying the charging system of the Rival gun. If you’re using a gun that uses C-batteries to recharge, it will be hard for you to replace it with any other Rival battery pack. 

Since you’ll be bound to buy and replace the C-batteries, the cost of maintenance will get high. The simplest modification here will engage replacing your C-battery section with a medium to large lipo battery. 

Moreover, you can mod your internal blaster by removing all the screws and changing the mechanical settings of the Rival gun.  

Thus, you can understand how you can change the whole gimmick of your Rival guns by only replacing a few vital sections of the toy. And these mods are easy and fun if you get used to the technical parts of the modification jobs. 

Follow the Safety Measures While Using Nerf Guns

BE SAFE! I told this to my kids shooting these back in the day. Safety first, second and third. Fun is fourth! Listen or I will take all the Nerf toys.

There’s no doubt that battling with the Nerf guns in your hands can feel electrifying. But no matter how fun they are, these guns can prove to be highly risky if you don’t follow certain safety measures. After all, they’re not water pistols

So, here are a few tips on safety measures while playing with a Nerf Rival series gun with your siblings within the house or your buddies in a large outdoor play zone:  

  • Face Mask Is a Must-Have Gear: Rival guns are made for teens and adults; hence, the firing balls are produced in a bit solid state. Such hard balls can hit your eyes or nose, leading to severe injuries while playing. So, wearing a face mask is a must for every player to ensure safety.  
  • Tactical Vest Is Equally Important: Not every player can absorb and get over the pain inflicted by the hard round balls fired from a Rival gun. To avoid such painful experiences, wear a tactical vest before hitting the hot spot. 
  • Choose a Balanced-Weight Gun: You won’t feel the pain and pressure of a heavier Rival gun on your hands and shoulder while seeping through the gun fighting game’s excitement with your buddies. However, it will hurt you later for a long time. So, choose a gun that suits your size and weight-bearing capacity. 
  • Use the Trigger Lock Wisely: Don’t overlook the trigger lock that comes with the Rival gun. A trigger lock prevents the unwanted firing of balls when you’re not in the combat area.
  • Follow Age Recommendation: You’re not allowed to pick a Rival gun and get into a fight unless you’re fourteen or above. So, it’s better to remain happy with whatever Nerf gun your age allows you to pick and play.  

So, don’t ignore the safety measures stated above. If you’re trying to have fun in a gun fighting game, be responsible for being equipped with the shared safety measures. 

How to Select the Best Nerf Rival Guns for Your Kids?

If you’ve spent your childhood and teenage years playing with Nerf guns, you know how fun and risky they are at the same time. However, the current Rival series is more fun than ever and offers more scintillating features. 

So, choosing a Nerf Rival gun for your teen or young adult should entail some considerations. 

In this section, we’ll round up ten features you must look for when buying your kid a Nerf Rival gun.

The considerable pros and cons of the following features are:

  1. Breech Loaded 

A round chamber called a breech chamber is a wonderful section in a Rival gun. It accommodates balls as per its loading capacity. Using a gun with a breech chamber feels easier while carrying it in the battle zone. 

  1. Hopper Fed

Look for a Rival gun that has a hopper-fed blaster. Hopper-fed blasters can contain from fifteen to two hundred rounds, and they’re easy to open and reload. 

  1. Magazine Fed 

One of the telling features of the best Rival guns is their magazine-fed loading sections. The user will have to have a refill pack to reload the magazine to continue firing. 

  1. Integrated Magazine

The best utility of the integrated magazine is that it contains multiple integrated magazines containing rounds in each of them. These magazines will rotate to push the balls one after another to be fired at the opponents. 

  1. Round Capacity

If you want your kid to last longer on the battlefield, choose a Rival gun that allows the gun to carry as many rounds as needed during playtime. 

Make a calculation of the whole war duration and the type of gunfight that’s going to take place. Then consider the round capacity to select the best Rival gun. 

  1. Size & Weight 

The blaster size and weight do matter if your kid is using a Rival gun for the first time. So, let your kid check by himself whether the blaster fits his size and weight-bearing capacity or not before buying one.  

  1. Precision and Price 

Be sure of the intensity level of the gunfight before buying a Rival gun. If your kid is an amateur, the gunfight intensity should be at a basic and fun level. So, the gun should be a simple one. 

However, if your teen or young adult is experienced and ready to get into a high-intensity level game, buy him a precise and powered-up Rival gun for the utmost performance. 

Apart from the precision, the price factor counts too. Since the Rival series sells guns at higher prices, be sure your budget complies with it before selecting the gun. 

  1. Battery Type

Checking the battery compatibility with your selected Rival gun is important since it determines the rechargeability of your gun when needed. 

Some Rival guns are compatible with C-batteries, some are with alkaline batteries, and some with others. If you fail to choose a specific battery type, playing with the gun may become a hassle for your kid. 

  1. Priming 

Pumping and accelerating handles are the priming options the Nerf Rival series offers to its ever-enthusiast toy gun lovers. These two primings have different types of comfort and handleability. 

So, consider which one should be the most suitable for your kid. 

  1. Auto or Semi-Auto 

If your kid requires a gun for a non-stop firing range and capacity, a fully automated Nerf Rival gun will be his best gear. 

Conversely, a semi-automated Rival gun is a little critical to handle and execute fire; however, this too offers a range of powerful shots. 

Bottom Line – A great gift for Christmas in 2022

We hope our article will work for you as a basic guide while choosing the best Nerf Rival gun for your kid. By now, you’re aware of the gun series’ features, functions, and considerable factors. 

So, you can go on lining up the best Nerf Rival guns before selecting the most suitable one based on our shared criteria and factors. Make sure you don’t buy your toddler or a juvenile a Rival gun since it’s not recommended for their age.  It is a younger kids toy, but Nerf does make much more advanced shooters for teens.

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