Best New Songs This Week: J-Hope, Lizzo, ITZY, and More

Check out this week’s best new music, featuring new songs from BTS member J-Hope, ITZY, Lizzo, Sabrina Carpenter, and more.

J-Hope, “Arson”

We’re still exploring all that J-Hope’s new solo album has to offer, but an early favorite on Jack in the Box is “Arson,” which has the old-school hip-hop elements threaded through the album while also highlighting J-Hope’s unique vocal inflections and lyric delivery. The music video brings an intense level of drama to the song as J-Hope staggers around a burning world. He raps about a trial by fire, a journey through fame and money and “thoughtless ambition,” and burning brighter in the aftermath, turning into flames himself by the end.


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Lizzo, “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)”

Still enjoying the success of her ubiquitous TikTok hit “About Damn Time,” Lizzo returns this week with an inventive, no less infectious single in “2 Be Loved.” The track has a fun little late ’70s/early ’80s dance beat to accompany its more probing lyrics about not always being able to hold onto impressive confidence 100% of the time. “How am I supposеd to love somebody elsе when I don’t like myself?” she sings on the verse. “Guess I better learn to like this, it might take my whole life just to do.”


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Sabrina Carpenter, “emails i can’t send”

Sabrina Carpenter’s latest album emails i can’t send has finally arrived, and with it a song she shared on social media almost a year ago with a cryptic letter emoji, one I’ve been listening to for months. The title track is delicate but pulls no punches as she lays out the impact of a betrayal, alluding to her dad cheating on her mom and tracing the impact that has on her approach to romantic relationships. “And thanks to you I, I can’t love right, I get nice guys and villainize them,” she sings in the piano ballad, a vulnerable, poignant intro to an album full of bops.

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