The queen has arrived, what else can be said? With Renaissance, Beyoncé delivers the ultimate summer soundtrack, blending dance and house and disco and R&B in an epic album that has the girls running for the dancefloor. What a way to completely take over Leo season, from the Virgo to end all Virgos. 

Below, check out the new music you should be spinning this week, from Beyoncé, ATEEZ, Rosalía, Hayley Kiyoko, and more.

Beyoncé, “Cuff It”

An early favorite is the infectious “Cuff It,” which is physically impossible to listen to without moving your body. This one could have been a stellar lead single — but it also fits seamlessly into an album that is just so good for summer we can’t stand it. Quit your job, put on this album, etc.


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ATEEZ, “Cyberpunk”

K-pop stars ATEEZ have a new EP out this week, and while “Cyberpunk” is not the lead single, it’s shaping up to be a b-side for the ages. Combining the action, intensity, and killer vocals ATEEZ are known for, “Cyberpunk” is a rallying cry: “I WANNA FEEL ALIVE, DON’T WANNA STAY IN THE DARK.”


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Rosalía, “DESPECHÁ”

Motomamis, rejoice because Rosalía has blessed up with the perfect summer song. Touted as a “violent mambo” in the track’s own lyrics, “Despechá” was first unveiled to fans during the Motomami World Tour as one of the three unreleased songs the Spanish singer included in the tour setlist. Then still unnamed, Rosalía gave fans the option to choose between the fan-given “De Lao’ a Lao’” and its originally intended title “Despechá” during her Madrid show on July 19 and the latter took the crown. Produced by Puerto Rican powerhouses Chris Jedi and Gaby Music in tandem with Noah Goldstein and Sir Dylan, the song is an instant catch and the perfect proof is fans already knowing all the words from tour snippets and a short TikTok video alone.

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