Beyond LA: Danny G Sprints Through the Mistakes and Chases Dreams on New Single “Shameless”

Danny G is back with a new single “Shameless,” an upbeat mix of rock-pop designed to be the track you bump when you’re looking for a little pick-me-up. In essence, the song is a madcap run through your 20s in all their messy and confusing glory. Amidst its rapid drums and anxious energy, the Nashville-based artist offers a chance to affirm all those mistakes and to just let go of it all.


“One life don’t wanna waste it, I’m not happy now but I’ll fake it / Act like I’m at my oasis, big love get drunk like we shameless,” Danny G shouts against the addictively buoyant rhythms of “Shameless.” Just like the song’s rushing anthemics the artist rallies around the idea that life is best spent shamelessly chasing your dreams rather than withering away in stagnation. The overwhelming blitz of energy that slams into you every few seconds throughout “Shameless” provides sonic proof of that philosophy.

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“Shameless” follows the release of Danny G’s previous single “Participate,” both of which put on display the artist’s persistence in smashing genre barriers and jumping his own vocal hurdles. His songs overflow with an unrepentant vigor that’s not easily denied, be it because of their revolving melodies or his own larger-than-life presence on every track. He might not have an album or EP out yet but Danny G has been steadily releasing singles since 2019, cultivating his sound and searching for a niche in which to thrive.

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“I really pushed myself more on this record than I ever have,” Danny G said of the single. “Getting towards the top of my range and really letting it fly with the melodies.”

Visit Danny G on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the new single “Shameless” from Danny G below!

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