Her hum is poisonous, her plan is to lure your soul. 3 trick-or-treaters are lured into a haunted house where they meet a 300 year old witch who is looking for immortality. Now Every 300 years on Halloween,

The souls of Slain, Massachusetts come back for one more chance to correct things that put them in their grave. But this Halloween, BUELA BEAUFORT has other plans that may involve your soul. Beware, for witches are among us. Full movie below…

OPENING SCENE plays music. Play the music..

Camera focuses on a woman’s 1967 powder blue mustang as she flies down a county road that leads to Slain, Massachusetts. She stops at a four-way stop sign. A crow lands on her right side mirror, hawks, then flies away. The camera follows the crow guiding through the air showing the urban city of Slain. The Crow lands on the rooftop of The Bullers. Slain will never be the same as it once was. slowly fade your volume down now

The Box Of Death Oct 31st, 2023

music playing in the background in the kitchen as mom goes through papers daughter is trying to pay tuition for famous dance school online slowly fade your volume up now

Von Buller 2023

Honey, what’s this? mom pauses shouts angrily. Von!

Ok… what is what, mom? I need to pay this asap and i’m still five hundred dollars short!

What is this box of money, and who gave this to you?

Wait. What? You’re going through my bag again mom and what box of money?

This box of money, and yes. I went through your bag because it’s on my counter. Now explain.

You can’t keep going through my stuff mom, now lets see this cash box youre screaming about.

Here you go.

Weird. von examines the gold box. A new vendor was giving away gifts trying to strum up business, and she handed this over to me at The Slain Market yesterday. von scrambles through the box

There are a thousand dollars in here mom, holy smaz!

Watch your mouth, Von Buller! mom rushes over to the box

Why is there a card with my name on it? von asked herself

I don’t know, says mom, but it’s going back. Read it Von!

Ok…Ok…mom let me open it.

Hello My Von, Dance like the wind, for winter shall sing, return the money, my revenge shall ring. Keep the money, then sell me your soul, for i know what your future beholds.


Buela B

1723 Slain Market suite 6

astonished mom and von look at each other, The letter drops slowly to the kitchen floor


soft Halloween music playing at the festival

Slain Marketplace Massachusetts

What’s that pleasant humming noise? says mom

Yeah I hear it too. It’s coming from over here towards the pumpkin pie table.

Well Look who it is. the gold box lady. says Von

Hi Mrs. Buller or shall i say ms Buller?

And hello, Von. I see you received and opened my gift to you.

Where do you get off sending a disturbing letter like that to a tennager? shouts miss Buller. I should have you investigated!

How do you know my name, and why was there a hundred dollars inside this box? Who are you?

Why, everyone knows of Von Buller, dancer of the silent. Ballet, right?

Yes, why?

You are my silent dancer. So Let’s say this is a gift to you from a long-time admirer to complete your dance school, so that you may continue to speak for the silent.

The silent? Listen to a spooky lady, she doesn’t need your gifts, your money or your admiration. And what is this crap you’re selling anyway? Von, give her back the box and let’s go.

Von elbows mom, whispers softly. Return the money and my revenge shall begin? Remember that part, mom?

Hocus Mocus mumbo jumbo, swirl my wand and there appears Dumbo shouts miss Buller in disgust. You expect me to believe that witchcraft mess, Von? Drop the box and let’s go! We don’t accept money from strangers. mom walks away in disbelief

Von leans in, carefully placing the box next to oils she whispers. Sorry, my mom is constantly on the edge. What was your name again? And what’s this about knowing what my future beholds?

Buela. Buela Beaufort. Go now, as your mother awaits. Halloween can’t wait. shouts Buela


Thriller music playing in the background. Von is trying on a face mask,

Ms Buller

Mom lets out a terrible scream down the hall, but the music drowns out her belch

Ok mom, i’m headed to Quakes to go trick-or-treating and where going to meet up with Josh. Hey! Let me see your costume for the Halloween festival tonight.

mom slowly walks in

Ok…Ok… you’re going as your favorite cartoon, but which pig are you, Fifer, or Practical pig? Von laughs. Or are aunt Carol and Uncle Pee going to be the other two pigs? Later mom. Von leaves

Oink, oink oink oink. says mom.

Yeah…ok… mom. Good one. I’ll see you tonight

Oink! Oink! Dink Go! [wait! wait! don’t go!] screams mom in her pig voice as von closes the front door


Von meets up with Quake & Josh to go trick or treating off Blair street

Buela Beaufort plays as old woman

Ding dong, Josh ignites the doorbell, door opens slowly

Trick-or-treat! yells the three in perfect harmony

Aren’t you three a little old for this? says a crinkly old lady

Well my dad said age is just like a microwave, shouts Von…and then we lose connection, and then he.. Josh jumps in

Ok, madam thank-you for the snickers, happy halloween, josh interrupts quickly. We must be moving along now, right Von?

Oh yeah many more house to see much to do. Happy Halloween Mrs Lady. the three quickly scurry down the path

Hey! What was that? says Quake?

What was what? replies von

Back there with the dad story. I thought you were going to try and work on that. says quake

You guys wanna hear something creepy? Check this out. This weird lady gave me a box at the festival yesterday, and inside of this box was a freighting letter and one thousand dollars.

One, what? Quake says in amazement

What was in the letter?

I’m getting to that part right now Josh.

Yes, one thousand dollars, Quake. The letter said something like dance like the wind but beware if I accept the money she will have my soul. Something like that

And if you return the money, what happens then? asks Josh

If I returned the money, she’d have my soul. We did return the money guys. She had her address on the back of the card so mom made me return the box of cash.

So basically you’re screwed either way. says Quake because now she’s going to seek revenge for returning her gift.

She tricked you Von says Josh. Haven’t you seen the post about what to do when you receive money from a stranger? You need to watch more videos.

Guys do you hear that. whispers Von

Hey there’s an address on this candy. says Josh And I hear that sound too.


The Fence Next To The Gifts

Yea guys it’s coming from over here. Sounds like a sweet lady singing. I bet she has awesome candy. says Quake. Let’s go! Map it Von. Josh yells at a distance

Josh runs with Quake and leaves Von behind

Guys! Von cries out and then catches up with the group. The group comes upon a fence with a rhyming letter. off in the distance sits an abandoned house

Here it is! guys The sound led me here. It was like smelling pizza cooking. I couldn’t stop running. Quake says as he gasps for air bent over with hands on his knees

Yes and the address points here says Von

What’s this letter? Josh elbows Quake

Read it Von! says quake as he’s still bent over trying to steal the air.

Next to the fence you will find two treats, come inside, I can’t wait to meet!

Quake and Josh grab the two boxes

This box has my name on it, says Quake

Hey, my name is on this box too, shouts Josh

Look! Von points to the window Did you see that?

See what, I’m going to open my treat says Quake

Yeah me too, this must be a good treat replies Josh

Guys, the window says Von in a concerned voice

Ok no way screams Quake. A thousand dollars? Who, what where? I don’t care. This is going to pay for my Boating trip to Europe. Von grabs a letter from Quake’s box. She’s not excited

Josh’s fingers are about to pry open the box until he stops…Josh’s eyes are fixated on the letter

Quake what’s this letter? says Von i’ll read it

Hi Quake travel the seas, live for the ocean, accept my gift, i’ll put this in motion, return my gift, and you”‘ll swim like a fish, for three hundred years, I can guarantee this.

Singed, No Name says Von

Quake drops the box. The money scatters in the wind. Quake instantly becomes speechless due to a default curse set upon the money in case the money is lost, stolen or scattered in the wind. The recipient loses their speech, hearing, or sight. Quake won’t speak again until the curse is lifted.

Josh Throws his box into the woods. I’m not opening that haunted box! he says in a timid voice

A one hundred dollar bill softly floats through the air like a bird’s feather

Josh why did you do that? shouts Von

I can’t see, says Josh. I can’t see anything. Its dark.

Can you hear me, Josh?

Yes! but I can’t see you Von! I Can’t.

Quake! If you can hear me shake your head yes!

Quake shakes his head in agreement

This sounds like a curse or some kind of witchcraft guys, and there is only one person who could be up to this says Von in her detective voice

Buela Beaufort!


as the group walks down Blair street, a voice recording starts to play

Von Josh And Quake taking Blair Street

Who is Buela Beaufort? Josh says in a curious tone

Remember earlier when I told you two about a weird lady that gave me a box with a thousand dollars in it?

Yea, Quake and Josh replied simultaneously

Buela said in my letter that I was a dancer for the silence. Quake you love the ocean. Where do souls come to rest? The ocean collects their ashes. Josh, you’re a history major. Guys, she is using us for what we can offer her. But for what I don’t know.

Maybe she’s trying to communicate to the dead. says Josh

I’m starting to believe the woman who gave me that box is behind this, and I also believe a few more things: one, my mom may have been turned into one of the three little pigs, secondly, I believe the woman I saw in the window is Buela, and lastly, I think we have to do what she wants to lift these curses set upon all of us. Including my mom. See, look Josh, the window! I mean Quake. says buela. Sorry Josh I forgot your blind now

She looks old and decrepit mumbles Von. She looked so young earlier. This couldn’t be the same person. Guys lets go know on the door. We have to get behind this.

The curious three walk cautiously towards the haunted house, Quake elbows Von and points to a pig that is staring at the group.

Mom? says von in disbelief.

The pig quickly rushes the group and shoves Von continuously backward with the snout and lets out a haunting screeching noise. Suddenly, A large eight foot tall Ostriage with a human face runs from a cage towards the group. Quake opens his mouth and Von says Mr. Quake? Swoosh! An eagle pans down and lands on Josh’s right shoulder. It’s his mom! She bites his ear.

Mom! I know. says Von I figured it out. Quake your dad is an eight-foot ostraige, Josh your mom is an American Eagle, and Von, your mom is a little pig. Von shakes her head. Folks, Stay here. Guys lets go save Halloween

And our parents josh cries out

A sweet humming melody can be heard inside. The group walks into the haunted house.

Hello Von says Buela. I kept my word did I not?

How’s that? Von replies

Buela caresses Quake’s face. Hello my Captain of the seas. Quake pulls back

And you must be my Joshy. Commander of the past and present

Are you a witch? says Josh

Buela’s Laier

Buela’s image glitches back-in-forth from the three hundred year old Buela

to Josh’s mom

Witches wear hats, and they have pointy noses. Is my nose point Josh? Guys aren’t i gorgeous? says Buela

Bueal playing as josh’s Mother

What do you want from us? shouts Von

You are my new recruits, You three shall be my conductors to the afterlife. Buela replies

Quake, set your eye to see destruction, as your father is ripped apart to nothing. Agree to be the captain of my ship, for love shall find you on this trip. I’ll turn your father back to his prime, once you sign the dotted line. Buela spews a horrible laugh

The Eagle, The Fox, And The Ostrich

My Joshy, The eagle has landed inside the mouth of a fox, for history repeats itself with only a knock, be my guide, you shall be fine, I will release the eagle, once you sign the dotted line

Josh punches Buela with the right hook and shouts guys, run! Josh blasts open the front door and halts, as he hears the sound of an eagle being ripped apart by the vicious fox.

Goodbye eagle shouts Buela in a screechy voice. The fox lunges toward Josh. Josh reverses and quickly escapes back inside the haunted house. The slam of the door shatters a window. Josh falls to the ground sobbing.

Bad decision my Joshy. And you were my favorite. Poor Mrs. eagle says Buela as she pats his back. I forgive you. she says in an empathetic voice

I’ll do it! says Quake. I’ll be the captain of your ship. Just bring our parents back. Lift this curse and go back to wherever you came from.

No we are all going to do this! Aren’t we Josh? says assertive Von

My mom was eaten by a fox. What am I doing here? says Josh

We got this, Josh! Von reassures un confident josh

Joshy, you will spend the next three hundred years as my guide through history. Together you and I will bring back the most dangerous villains known to man. I give you power. I make you commander of time. A five-star general I will make you. You will own time my Joshy. As for mom, one bad decision can cost you your future Joshy, but not to worry, I will be that mother figure you desire. Now, say I want power three times and open your eyes.

I want power, I want power, I want power! Josh opens his eyes. I can see he says

Buela Lifting Josh’s Blind Curse

Von my silent dancer. I have so many plans for our future. You shall dance on the biggest stages known to humans. You shall become an overnight success. Many will adore your name, Von Buller. Your performance shall be so magnificent, that it shall wake the dead. Your mother shall be the president of your company.

You will be the world’s biggest superstar. You will make billions. And since your mother chose to return the money, I can keep you as long as I need. Or I can turn you into Krill, drop you in Quakes ocean, and let the whales gobble you up. As for your mother, farmer john serves up a nice sunday breakfast and bacon is the main dish. Now drink this potion, look out that window, and watch your mom convert back to normal.

Von drinks the elixir and hurries to the window. Ms. Buller falls to the dirt. Farmer John vanishes into thin air.

Quake my sightless captain. There shall be oceans named after you. You will control the seas for three hundred years. The sea animals shall bow down to you as well as the air goddess Mercidites. Cities in Europe will have marble statues carved into the side buildings exploiting you and your father’s greatness my King, for you are the King of the seas now. Love shall find you on this journey and you shall make her your wife. Open your mouth and say I am Captain Quake, commander of the seas says Buela and let me return your father to normal.

Quake opens his mouth, and spurts outward a bubble containing a ship on water with him as captain and his wife next to him.

I am Captain Quake, commander of the seas he says proudly. Quake then runs to the window to see his father for one last time.

Sobbing, Josh and Von both put their hands on Quakes back as they all peer out the window for one last glance at their parents.

Nonsense captain Quake. Shouts Buela as she wishes her wand and casts a spell.

For I am Buela Beaufort, Dark as the night, I light up the sea, I shall have my revenge, back to 1723! The house vanishes immediately.

Ms Buller and Quake’s dad are left dumfied on an empty lot. Camera pans upward


Von sits at her vanity inside her castle. a lynch mob is gathering outfront for Buela

Tonight is disturbingly quiet, says Von. Every night there is a lynch mob out hunting for Buela Beaufort. See, after the death of Josh’s dad, the disappearance of the house off Blain and of course the disappearance of us three teenagers, the town went mad.

Each night, when the mob reaches Buela, there are always boxes with the names of the men involved in the mob. explains Von. Inside those boxes are things that will change their lives. Money for a new roof for angry man Tom off sycamore street: it’s in the box, along with a thank you note. Franks wife dying of cancer: Buela puts a potion inside Franks box with instructions on how to cure the cancer. The men accept their gifts and off they go, quiet into the darkness, never to return to seek revenge on Buela.


Quakes Boats Off Aresdale

Captain Quake, and I are superstars like Buela promised. My mom runs my finances, and Quakes dad is a hero in Italy. As we were traveling back in time to reach 1723, Josh unfortunately was killed during the Civil War. I miss Josh.

I dance every night. I’ve made millions. I’ve danced for presidents, generals, and even Queen Marii of Scottsdale. Buela says i’ve brought back only the good witches, but i’ve never met a nice witch. I can’t figure out how old I am anymore. As the days are going forward, the mirror portrays me as young Von and I’m getting younger by the day. I miss growing up.

Von Buller 1726

Quake is the captain of several warships. Buela uses his forces to haunt ashes and bodies of witches dumped in the oceans. Believe it or not, we were once robbed by pirates of the ashes and bodies we recovered.. Actual pirates of the Jamaican Island X. Just like Jack. Well,

Quake & Wife Alexandria Of Aresdale

Quake is married with two kids and the King of Aresdale. He has aged tremendously. Although he seems happy and content, most days he’s distant and emotionally paralyzed, but we still converse weekly. I miss the old Quake.

I wonder when this town will realize that we’re all living back in 1723 again. Are the folks in Slain also under Buela’s spell? I’ll be over three hundred years old when I return to 2023

Are you ready for your performance my pretty Von? Buela brushes Von’s hair with a diamond studded brush as she sits at her vanity mirror. Buela’s hands are old, wrinkly, and pointy, but her face is that of a Hollywood movie star.

Buela & Von at the Vanity

Tonight we shall bring back the ones responsible for my demise and their families of today. Tonight we shall also bring back the most important witch of us all. says Buela

Ms Dyer? Von replies in a mischievous voice

She’ll be there, melting in her cube of ice. says Buela. Wait, Oh no, she’s not the main event. Buela twirls around like a princess, waving her wand. They’ll turn stone when they see what’s in store for them tonight, my Von Buller.

Buela and Von let out an evil witch laugh

The muted crowd cheers in the background

A soft knock taps on the door. Quake steps in and says, they’re ready for you Von

Buela looks into the vanity at Von and says…


Buela Beaufort @ 326 yrs old [outdoor concert] 1726 copyright Von Buller


play ending music

Written by MessainTheProducer

Artwork by LiL Xuzki

Dolumbican Studios

Music by Apple Music Partnertize

Video by Youtube/DolumbicanStudios 2022

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