The Health Metrics that I’m Keeping Track of

I’m currently tracking my health in a spreadsheet because I want to be more aware of how I’m doing. I’m specifically interested in observing my mental health and diabetes wellness. In the past, I’ve used blood glucose log books to keep track of my glucose readings, which is a pretty standard practice. However, now, my … Read more

#DiabetesWeek2022 or #BadDiabetesWeek2022? | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

It’s yet again Diabetes Awareness Week and we’ve just had ADA. It’s a perfect time for Awareness of Diabetes as well. But when we talk about Diabetes Awareness, it shouldn’t just be the good stuff. There’s also a lot of not so fun stuff that goes on. Whether that’s at an individual level (Burnout, DKA, … Read more