StreamLINE Music Review : Stickbaby Juan – “Heartbreaker” (Hip-Hop)

Putting the hip-hop game on notice is a rapidly emerging rapper and songwriter from Ashburn, Georgia who goes by the name of Stickbaby Juan. Currently, based in the Atlanta area, Stickbaby has built up a substantial fanbase off the back of flurry of well-received single releases and an exclusive debut mixtape which has also gained … Read more

5 Questions with Royce DeZorzi

5 Questions with Royce DeZorzi Album title: Denver What first got you into music? I always wanted to play music, but I struggled with learning an instrument. My uncle spent a lot of time giving me saxophone lessons when I was seventeen, but something about the sax wasn’t for me. In high school, my friends … Read more

‘Under Cover’ review: Valerie June releases a delightful EP covering classics | The Young Folks

If you aren’t privy to Valerie June, she is an extremely well-rounded musician who seamlessly blends folksy charm with down-to-earth blues. The Tennessee native is a poet at heart, and has been releasing music since 2006 with a Grammy nomination under her belt. Under Cover (clever play on words) is a short and sweet collection … Read more

Hakim Briki – ‘Sail Away’ – Upstream Indie

Algerian-born indie songwriter based in the Bay Area, Hakim has a passion for jangly rock, psych rock, and 60s rock. His songwriting style revolves around one concept only: mesmerizing melodies. His first album, Dreamer-In-Chief (2019), is an indie pop opus full of whimsy and reveries, and which, in style, is reminiscent of the 90s. Hakim … Read more