Government must pull up its socks if we wish to remain off the grey list | The Citizen

A strong and credible national economy that engages a large sector of the populace is a contributor to a nation’s ability to project power. Our harsh lockdown rules during the Covid pandemic had a hugely detrimental effect on our economy, morale and ability to project economic power. It devastated smaller companies, degraded our exports, resulted … Read more

‘Patients die while waiting’ – Lists for surgeries at Joburg hospitals continue to grow | The Citizen

While the cause of the fire that damaged Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital and contributed to the current backlog is still unanswered, the waiting list to undergo surgery at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Soweto continues to grow. Yesterday, Gauteng department of health spokesperson Motalatale Modiba said the department could not comment on … Read more

My Pookie is moving to France, but at least he’s on speed-dial | The Citizen

Pookie left home. He’s been gone six nights now. Don’t worry about drug crime, says his new inner-city landlord, because we don’t have any problems with dealers here: the pimps chase them away. But I paraphrase, because the new landlord was speaking in French. Yes, my baby now lives in Paris. I suppose I should … Read more