charlø – numb :: Indie Shuffle

I’m in love. At first, I wanted to write about charlø’s “numb” because I thought it had that sort of Elohim-like catchiness to it. My goodness, have I been further blown away by this song.

Firstly, I tend to resonate with characters and expressions that are of a light and dark nature. “numb” is just that, the perfect blend and balance of dark and light.

Secondly, the lyrics! ‘Relateable perfection’ is how I would sum them up. The story of the artist themself lends its weight to the track as a whole, giving a visceral sense of the depth from which this song emerged.

After joining writing sessions with other artists like Banoffee, a broken back on the other end of a ski accident put that on pause. The result was time at home, time to learn, time to be with the pain, and create. charlø (the moniker for Charlotte Reed) learned new instruments as well as production and et voila! we now have the likes of “numb” — the artist’s first single.

Consider me a fan, and trust that I’ll be watching this space for what’s to come.

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