Christopher Langston – the look of love. –

This platform started off as just a place we hoped that people who we thought were amazing musically, would want to be apart of. Through this journey we have come across a lot of major talent that has been apart of our journey just as much as anyone on the staff. Especially an artist like Christopher Langston formally known as chrisfrmkro, who has always delivered and was one of our Top Five Artists to Look Forward to in 2022 award winners. Now he is back better than ever with his new song “the look of love.”.

Christopher Langston shows tremendous growth and talent on his new song “the look of love”. The music taps into a classic Isaac Hayes sample that lets you feel the soul and blues that his native place St Louis is known for. Chris steps in with the ultimate poise and focus to just let his words fly, with a poetic approach to the vocals and words that makes it all come to life with such divine mastery. With each passing second he gives you his all and you feel it as such to make for a record you cant stop listening to.

Christopher Langston’s “the look of love” is a brilliant body of work for this new monitor that is ready for the world. Its the perfect record that encompasses the art of music, as well as the soulful connection it can have when artist dares to be truly great in every way.

Check out Christopher Langston “the look of love” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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