CIX Try to Explain Their “Unexplainable” Style

While each of the members has a different look, when they come together as CIX, they share their self-described unexplainable style. Though the group members may wear coordinated outfits on stage, each member is still able to show their individuality through their styling.

“First, we discuss a lot about styling outfits with our stylists,” BX says. “We consider upgrading various items or elements that we already have, then finally wear them on stage.” Hyunsuk details, “I think my charm is maximized when my physique is more shown, so that’s the point I usually bring up to our stylists. Our amazing team always knows what type of styling suits each member, so we can put on great outfits all the time.”

“I think it’s good to show your uniqueness on stage,” Seunghun jokingly adds, “so we all try to wear jewelry or items that fit each of us as much as possible. Sometimes our stylists have to put a stop on us.”

Throughout the tour in the U.S., the group wore four sets of outfits on each stage, starting with military-inspired uniforms, lowkey looks for their solo stages, trendy black-and-white outfits, and ending with the group stepping out in their merch. Among these, BX doesn’t hesitate to pick the group’s favorites. “Most members love the uniform outfit. We didn’t get many chances to wear uniforms, so our fans really loved it when we finally wore them.” 

“I really liked the uniform, but I also liked the casual outfit we wore at the end of our concerts,” Jinyoung adds. “That outfit was actually sold as concert goods, and it was very comfortable. I felt like we’re casually talking with our fans when we were talking on the stage in that outfit, which I really enjoyed.”

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