common goldfish comments on the rise of individualism in ‘I Don’t Feel Today’ – Turtle Tempo

In true common goldfish fashion, ‘I Don’t Feel Today’ has put a spell on us. The track is a juicy reflection providing introspective feedback on our community and societal motifs. With a magnetic pulse, this new number embodies the frenetic nature of the current trends and behaviours. ‘I Don’t Feel Today’ invites listeners to think about reality and how it tends to slide away as we continue to count on our phones to provide instant gratification rather than opting for traditional human connection and interaction. 

With a psychedelic underlayer, the track paints vivid soundscapes to stimulate the listeners’ senses. It is the gritty bass line that keeps us grounded, conscious and alert to really digest the lyrics. The stab synth becomes the main character, it expresses relief from a condition of unhealthy independence and individualism. The monotone top line and the vibrant jungle of  instrumentation is a match made in heaven. 

While ‘I Don’t Feel Today’ is a perfectly seamless step from common goldfish’s previous offerings, it is somehow even better than what he’s already presented this year. His music is a constant journey uphill, and we’re so excited to see what’s at the top – we’re definitely not expecting a descent ever.

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