Daisyjimes poured demure soul into scorn in her her electro-pop single, Trading Places

LA pop artist, Daisyjimes, poured soul into scorn in her latest single, Trading Places; the luxe lyrically driven electro-pop single utilises minimalist instrumentation to give her vindicating words plenty of room to attack the type of protagonists that we love to look back on and see how far we’ve come from our dependence on them.

Tackling themes of loneliness and the emotional growth that comes as a result of involuntary independence, Trading Places is a tender outpour of vulnerability, one that many people will undoubtedly resonate with in an increasingly individualistic society. The mellifluous cadence of her harmonies takes the sting out of the harsh truths, but this demure hard-hitter is all too efficacious nonetheless.

Stream the official music video on YouTube, which premiered on September 16th, or check out the track on apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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