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As a member of the Pump House Regional Arts Center, I really try to rationalize never missing a concert they put on.  They are always high quality artists, and it’s such a great listening room.  While I have failed to make them all and tend to delay buying tickets until the end, a Tuesday before Thanksgiving concert caught my eye.  Genevieve Racette was billed as 

Nationally renowned, Québécois folk-pop musician, Geneviève Racette, will be going on her first ever US tour and will be making a stop at the Pump House on Tuesday, November 22!

She has captivated listeners with her gentle, yet compelling, emotional resonance, and garnered impressive industry support for her folk-pop tracks ever since her first EP in 2014. Through her vulnerable lyricism and ethereal vocals, Geneviève has emerged as a rising star in both French and English-speaking Canadian music scenes.

 Keywords to me were “first ever US Tour” and “rising star”, next to her website to read more:

“The artist bears her heart going from strength to strength” -ROLLINGSTONE

“Strong enough to turn the tides” -EXCLAIM!

“Fantastic Artist” -SIRIUS XM

“The intimate track is sure to get you emotional, with soft guitars and delicate harmonies” -INDIE88

Finally went to her Bandcamp page, and I was hooked.  At first I was going to wait until November’s Bandcamp Friday… but a few more listens and I bought it.   It again my companion as I picked up most of the leaves and put them on the garden.

As far as songwriting her quick description in Bandcamp is so true “This one’s for the broken hearts club. You know who you are.-G”

Deeply personal with relationships breaking, forming, and stressing; then there’s touch of hope and stress of staying sober.  Yes, I do wish took that this great vocalist and songwriting talent took to touch on a murder ballad or something light and humorous, but don’t take that as a slight.  This album is precious and I’m just planting a seed for the next one I’ll be buying.

Here’s a few lines I that enjoyed and tucked away, “You text when you have been drinking”… “Maybe you want me, Maybe you don’t…”  “I wish you could be here to blow the candles from cake”  “When I’m waiting for your call, it’s like I made the whole thing up..”  “Don’t ask me out tonight, you know I won’t refuse.  I’ll wear the shirt you wear you like, the one that shows off my tattoos”  “I’m taking pills to sleep and sometimes I forget to eat”  Heartbreaking but done with skill that you want to hug her and take this lady out and have some coffee to cheer her up.

I’m looking forward to finding out if all this stress has one breakup assigned to it, and if so I’m sorry and I’m thankful for how she poured her heart into the songs.

I’m in a bit of a hurry today to finish since I’m hitting the road for a Folk Alliance show, so please taste the album in Bandcamp (or even that dreaded Spotify)

Here are the videos related to the release in order:


Maybe – Yes again I hear a touch of Missy Higgins in her voice.

Les Adieux  – translates to “Goodbye”

Someone – boy I wish I was there.

The Tide – I found a cover of her song… you know it’s good when people want to cover it.

Here’s the one click playlist for the videos included in this post.


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